The theme of the lesson: Seasons

The theme of the lesson: Seasons

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: To enrich pupils` knowledge of the foreign language.

Developing: To develop pupils` skills in reading, speaking, writing.

Bringing – up: To develop honesty, to teach them to respect each other.

The type of the lesson: new lesson

The method of the lesson: question – answer, work in pairs, group work

Visual aids: cards, pictures, presentation, video.

  1. moment

T: Good morning, boys and girls! How are you today? And you? Keep your smile! Today we have guests at our lesson. I hope we’ll have a good work today!

T: Look around the classroom, please! What can you see?

P1: We can see flowers, leaves.

T: What do you think we are going to speak about today?

P2:  About seasons.

  1. Phonetic drill.
                           Spring is green,
Summer is bright,
Autumn is yellow,
Winter is white.

Phonetic exercise

[ei] — plane, name, date, may

[әu] — stone, note, nose, rose

[ɔ] — dog, stop, not, box

[e] — pet, pen, bed, red

III. Checking up home task                                                                                                                    Let’s check up your home task. What was your home task for today?                                                 IV. Introduction of the new theme                                                                                                            The theme of the lesson is « Seasons »

Today we have some new words.  Look at the new words:

Season [si:zn] жыл мезгілі

Winter [wintә] қыс

Spring [spriŋ] көктем

Summer [s˄mә] жаз

Autumn [ɔ:tәm] күз

January [dƷænjuәri] қаңтар

February [februәri] ақпан

March [ma:tʃ] наурыз

April [eipril] сәуір

May [mei] мамыр

June [dƷu:n] маусым

July [dƷu:ai] шілде

August [ɔ:gәst] тамыз

September [septembә] қыркүйек

October [ɔktoubә] қазан

November [no (u) vembә] қараша

December [disembә]   желтоқсан






  1. Listening and reading

Now we will read the text and translate it  «Seasons»


There are four seasons in a year — winter, spring, summer and autumn.                              December, January and February are winter months.  The weather is very cold. Many people like winter because they can go skiing, skating, playing hockey.

March, April and May are spring months.The weather is fine, it is warm. The sky is often blue. Sometimes it rains but usually the sun shines brightly.                                                            June, July and August are summer months. It is hot or warm. In summer children do not go to school. They have summer holidays.

September, October and November are autumn months. The weather is cool. It is time for fruit and vegetables.

  1. Writing

Complete the sentences according to the text.

  1.  There are four  _______  in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.
  2.  The _______  is very cold.
  3. June, July and August are ________ months.
  4.  They have _________ holidays.
  5.  It is time for _____ and vegetables.

Put the words in the right order to make the sentence.

  1. are/ December/ winter/ February/ and/ months/                         2.  months/ are/ March/ May /April/ spring /and.                                                                            3.  summer/ are/ August/ June/ months/ and /July.                                                                         4.  November/ are /autumn/ October/ and/ September/ months.

Work on the diagram

Put the names of months into 4 groups.

September, January, March, June, October, August, February, July, December, May, November, April.





Label the cards with the names of the seasons:


a)__________         b)___________        c)___________      d)___________


VII. Relaxation.

T: Let’s sing a song!

“Spring is green” Well done!

Well done, thank you!








VIII. Conclusion

Look at the pictures. Write the words in the alphabetical order.




We have spoken about seasons today. I hope you know much about seasons of the year. Our lesson is over. Thank you for your wonderful work! Good-bye, my dear friends!