The theme of the lesson: Memory

Батыс Қазақстан облысы Қаратөбе ауданы Б Қаратаев атындағы Саралжын орта жалпы білім беретін мектебінің ағылшын пәнінің мұғалімі Байниязова Жанар Базарқызы

The theme of the lesson: Memory

The aim of the lesson:

1 .to   develop   pupils reading skills, making up questions and answering for the questions. To  teach to work creatively.

2 . To provide an opportunity of free speaking.  To get pupils talking.

  1. to enlarge pupils vocabulary, and pay attention to their pronunciation in intensive reading

Type of the lesson: Integration lesson

Methods of the lesson: strategy of the RWTC

Visual aids: Pictures map of Great Britain, tape recorder

Procedure of the lesson:

1.Awaking stage

  1. a) Look at these numbers and objects for 30 seconds and try to memorize them

20- A letter

8- Watch

66- Ball

135- Plane


…- Rose


Now close your book and write down the numbers  and objects you can remember. Compare your list with you partner.

Who has the best memory? Which is more  difficult memorizing numbers or words?


  1. b) Brain storming questions. Give yourself marks from 1 to 5 for each of the following abilities.

1= very bad                  Mathematical ability

2= poor                          Quick thinking

3= average                     Memory

4= good                           Logical thinking

5= very good                   Ability to deal with large numbers of facts Imagination


  1. c) Look at the picture what can you say about the woman s memory?


  1. Realization of meaning

Read and translate the text.


                      The  forgetful generation

Stories of forgetfulness like this are familiar to many of us and experts say that such case as Mary’ s shows that loss of memory is not just related to age, but can be caused by our way of life. Many of us are finding is more and more difficult to remember everything. Once upon a time we just blamed getting older for our absent- mindedness, but now experts are blaming our modern lifestyle. They say that we have become “the forgetful generation” and that day after day we try to do too much!

One of the problems is that many companies have far fewer

Employees and this means that one person often does several jobs. Jobs that before were done by many people are done by a few and they have not been trained to do this. If you have five things to do at once, you become stressed and forgetful.

Thus is the problem, but what is the solution? In fact it is a notebook and a pencil. At the beginning of every day, write yourself a list of things you have to do , and it gives you a really good feeling when you cross things of the list as you do them. Psychologically, it is satisfying to complete.   


  1. Reflection.

              Answer the questions.

  1. What is the reason of forgetfulness?
  2. Why have we become “the forgetful generation”?
  3. Is there a solution for forgetfulness?
  4. What we should do to become aware “the forgetful generation”?
  5. How do you feel yourself it have to do five things at once?
  6. Which abilities to you think are the most important?
  7. Which abilities would you like to improve?
  8. Can you add any other abilities?
  9. Which abilities do you have?
  10. Which abilities do you think are the most important for learning a foreign language?
  11. a) Let’s check how good your memory is.
  12. How many phone numbers and dates of birth can you remember?
  13. Where were the Olympic Games in 1996?
  14. Do you remember your first teacher’s name?
  15. What was your first birthday present?
  16. Where you were last Sunday and what you did that day?


  1. b) Problem solving.

Problems are usually solved with the help of logic. Try to solve the following problems logically and as quickly as possible.

  • In this series, which number comes next?

18 12 15 10 12 8 ?


2)20 men can dig 40 holes in 60 days, so 10 men can dig 20 holes in how many days?


  1. Home task

To write essay to the theme “Interesting story in my life which I remember”