Theme: Speaking about Kazakhstan

Theme: Speaking about Kazakhstan


  • To enrich the pupils’ knowledge giving them more information about Kazakhstan.
  • To develop the pupils’ speech speaking on the text, and revising the grammar “Passive Voice”, helping them freely express their opinions and thoughts.
  • To bring up pupils to be patriots of their motherland, to love their country and to make great efforts in the development of the country.


Visual aids:

Map of the country, pictures, Bloom’s graphic cards, and an electronic textbook, An Interactive board.


The Procedure of the lesson




T: Good morning, pupils!

P: Good morning, teacher!

T: How do you feel yourselves?

P: OK, Well, good!

T: You see that we have very unusual lesson today









Speech drill:


                       Psychological training.


Now look at the board.

You see different figures choose the figure you like.


-You are leader, you are always active.



-You like to work, study especially English





— You have good mood you are happy that today we have unusual      lesson



-You are very creative person. You are full of idea, fantasy, and energy.




-You are a friendly person. You have a lot of friends.




T: I want to begin our lesson with the English proverb

There is no place like home.

How do you understand this proverb?

How do you translate it into your native language?

P-s: Қазақша: “Өзге елде сұлтан болғанша, өз еліңде ұлтан бол”

Орысша: В гостях хорошо,а дома — лучше

T: Yes right you are, there is no place like home.


Now look at the figure. You see very unusual figure. It is the plan of our lesson:

Head — theme of the lesson.

Body- written exercise

Hands -text and questions to the text.

Legs — Computer and Bloom’s exercises.


Checking up  the homework.


T: What was your homework?

P: To learn the new words by heart.

T: Now let’s check up your homework

I give you cards. Here is written 1 word. You should give its translation, your own sentence and draw its picture.




(Pupils are reading and showing their cards)






T: Look at the map. What country is it?

P: Kazakhstan

T: Yes right you are! Today we are speaking about Kazakhstan.

1 Now listen to the text

(Teacher is reading the text.)


2 Bloom’s exercise: Fishbone Card














(Pupils are reading and answering the questions and tell what is the main idea of the text)

3 Written exercises to the text (cards)


1. The republic of Kazakhstan …in the central Asia.

2. Its population is ….

3. Kazakh is … of the country.

4. Kazakhstan … China, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and       Kirgizia.

T: Now guys look at the first sentence. Which rule is used in this sentence?

P: Passive voice.

T: Great! You know it. Who knows the rule of the Passive voice?

(Pupil is telling the rule of Passive voice)

4 Now let’s work with Interactive board and do the exercises. Open the Grammar practice. Put the verbs into the Passive voice.




Dear my guys! For revision of the theme let’s do the grammar test (8 questions)


(self-assessment by Bloom’s card)

T: I give you the Bloom’s cards for marking yourselves.

Give your own mark:   “Excellent”,” good”,” satisfactory”,” bad”.


Setting the home task:


To write composition: «My motherland.”



Let’s return to our proverb. What proverbs about Motherland do you know?

Pupils are telling the proverbs about Motherland.

The end of the lesson:


The lesson is over. Goodbye!