Сабақтың тақырыбы: Canada


Сабақтың тақырыбы: Canada

Сабақтың мақсаты:

а) білімділік: to explain using the adjectives, new information about Canada

ә) тәрбиелік: to interest to learning English

б) дамытушылық: to develop the students’ abilities in oral speech and   reading  ;

to enlarge listening, understanding and writing skills.

Сабақтың түрі: Жаңа сабақ.

Сабақтың әдісі: Түсіндіру, СТО технологияларының әдістері.

Сабақтың көрнекілігі: Канада  мемлекетіне байланысты интернет желісінен алынған деректер,тақырыпқа байланысты  суреттер.

Пайдаланылған әдебиет: Language practice, Internet  resources

Пәнаралық байланыс: тарих.


Сабақтың жүру тәртібі:

І. Ұйымдастыру: Студенттермен амандасу, түгендеу. Назарын сабаққа аудару.

ІІ. Қызығушылықты ояту.

            Канада мемлекетінің символын көрсете отыра, «Ой қозғау» әдісін пайдалана отырып, сұрақтар қою:

At first, I would like you to guess the theme of our today’s lesson. Look at the picture, I think it helps you to guess.

  1. What is it?
  2. Do you know this leaf?

As you understood the theme of our lesson is “Canada.
ІII. Мағынаны тану.

«Өзім үшін жазу»-әдісі арқылы студенттер өзіне керекті мәліметті жазып алады

Geographical position. Canada is the second largest country in the world. Only Russia has a greater land area. Canada is situated in North America. Canada is a federation of 10 provinces and 2 territories. Canada is slightly larger than the United States, but has only about a tenth as many people.

Population. About 28 million of people live in Canada. About 80% of the population live within 320 km of the southern border.  Much of the rest of Canada is uninhabited or thinly populated because of severe natural conditions. Canada’s people are varied. About 57% of all Canadians have some English ancestry and about 32% have some French ancestry. Native people – American Indians and Eskimos – make up about 2%  of the country’s population. 77% of Canada’s people live in cites or towns.

Capital city. Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is located on the banks of the Ottawa, Rideau and Gatineau rivers. Canada’s fourth-largest city is a complementary blend of urban and rural lifestyles, old and new neighborhoods, culture and heritage, business and government. Ottawa also has a high standard of living reflected in a multitude of accessible services, vibrant entertainment, exciting recreational activities, and thriving businesses.

Flag. The red and white Canadian flag shows a leaf of the maple tree, thousands of Canadians in attendance.which grows in North America. The maple leaf is the official emblem of  Canada. The official ceremony inaugurating the new Canadian flag was held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 15, 1965, with Governor General Georges Vanier, Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, the members of the Cabinet and thousands of Canadians in attendance.

History (most important facts)

At about 1000 Norwegian sailors discovered Canada. In 1534 Canada became a French colony. There was a war between Great Britain and France from 1756 to 1763. Finally Great Britain got Canada. In 1791 there was a partition of Upper-Canada, were mainly English was spoken, and Lower-Canada, were French was spoken. Canada became independent in 1931 and in 1993 the Eskimos got their own territory.


  1. IV. Ой толғау.
  2. «Choose the correct variant»
  3. Canada is the… country in the world
  4. a) Largest
  5. b) Fifth largest
  6. c) Second largest
  7. d) Third largest
  8. The city with the largest population in Canada is…
  9. a) Montreal
  10. b) Toronto
  11. c) Ottawa
  12. d) Vancouver
  13. There are … provinces and three territories in Canada
  14. a) 50
  15. b) 12
  16. c) 10
  17. d) 8
  18. The largest Canadian province is…
  19. a) Ontario
  20. b) Manitoba
  21. c) Alberta
  22. d) Quebec
  23. Canadian animal symbol is …
  24. a) bear
  25. b) beaver
  26. c) fox
  27. d) wolf
  28. Canada is …
  29. a) a federal republic
  30. b) a parliamentary republic
  31. c) a monarchy
  32. d) an independent constitutional monarchy
  33. Canada became independent from Britain in…
  34. a) 1759
  35. b) 1867
  36. c) 1776
  37. d) 1931
  38. The … is the national emblem of Canada.
  39. a) birch
  40. b) maple leaf
  41. c) rose
  42. d) daffodil

Answers:1c 2d 3c 4d 5b 6d 7d8 8b


  1. «Сәйкесін тап»

Match the dates with the facts of Canada.

1931                      There are … provinces and three territories in Canada

1534                      Canada is the second largest country in the world.

2                            Canada became independent from Britain

10                          Canada became a French colony.


  1. «Бес жол өлең» әдісі бойынша студенттердің қаншалықты тақырыпты меңгергендігін анықтауға болады. Студенттер алған ақпаратты түйіндеп айтуға, өздерінің ойларын аз сөзбен, бірақ нақты жеткізуге жұмыстанады.
  2. «Бір айналым сөйлесу» әдісі бойынша студенттер өтілген тақырып бойынша өз ойларын бір сөйлеммен жеткізеді.
  3. Үйге тапсырма: Make a presentation about “Canada”

VІ. Бағалау. Students, I`m pleased with your work today. I give you the following marks:

VІІ. Қорытынды.

Boys and girls, I`d like to end our lesson.  The lesson is over. Good-bye!