What do you want to be”

Theme:” What do you want to be”

The lesson purpose: to develop skills of  speech on a theme “ What do you want to be”; to improve lexical skills and to expand a lexical stock of pupils.


Lesson aims:


The educational: to develop skills of  oral and written speech; to make active earlier studied lexicon on a theme “What do you want to be” in oral and written speech; to develop skills of audition, ability to communicate in English.


The developing: to develop mental abilities of pupils; to form ability to allocate the main thing, to compare and analyze.


The educational: to develop at pupils independence of thinking; to promote vocational guidance of pupils.


Materials: interactive board, flipcharts and markers.




  1. Introduction


Good morning, boys and girls! Glad to see you! How are you?

Today we’re going to talk about the world of professions. You will do some lexical exercises to improve your speech. At the end of our lesson I will help you to choose the profession suitable for you.


  1. Warm-up:


Ask questions to these answers:

_________ ?


I am a boy.


I am 10.

_________ ?

My name is Marina

_____________ ?

Yes, I have. I have a sister.

______________ ?

I am fine, thank you.

______________ ?

I am from Kazakhstan.

_____________ ?

It’s  21949.



III.Listening to the dialogue.


« Colin is at Omar’s flat.»

Colin: Is this your family?

Omar: Yes, it is.

Colin: Is this tour Dad?

Omar: Yes, it is.

Colin: What does he do?

Omar: He is an ambassador.

Colin: Oh, really? And what your mother do?

Omar: She is a housewife.

Colin: Is this your brother?

Omar: No, it isn’t. That’s my uncle.

Colin: Is he a student?

Omar: No, he isn’t. He is a bank manager.


  1. Consolidation with new words.



An operator

A doctor

A dentist

A bank manager

A secretary

A housewife

A driver

A fireman

A policeman

A businessman/woman

A model

A lawyer

A teacher

A musician

A pilot

A footballer

A miner

A journalist

A spaceman

An engineer

An ambassador

An actor/actress



  1. Consolidation of new grammar.


– Let’s make nouns from other words  adding + er and translate them, for example:

work + er = worker – рабочий:


act –

build –

clean –

dance –

drive –

farm –

sing –

teach –

work –




  1. Practice:


1.Match the English words with the English words

























2.Read the names of professions and divide them into groups.


photographer, teacher, doctor, taxi driver, lawyer, a bank manager,an operator , a dentist, a musician, an ambassador, a policeman, a secretary, a fireman, a pilot, a businessman/women, a model.



Not prestigiuos:




3.Listening to the dialogue.


What do want to be?


Dima: I want to be a pilot.

Helen: What about you Sveta? What do want to be?

Dima: She wants to be a doctor.

Sveta: No, I don’t. I want to be a  teacher.


4.Talk to your friend.


What do you want to be?

I want to be a teacher.


5.Look at the traits of character and name 2 or 3 professions in which they are necessary to use.


Strong –сильный

Kind — добрый

Creative –творческий

Slim – стройный

Attentive – внимательный

Brave – храбрый

Clever – умный

Polite – вежливый

Fair — честный


Which characteristics are necessary for people of these professions:


pilot, teacher, doctor, sportsman, lawyer, a fireman, an astronaut, a model, an engineer,

Make up the sentences.

(A teacher should be patient, intellectual, loving children.)



  1. Production



  1. Evaluation

Let’s sum up. Today you have found out what kind of person you are and what profession is suitable for you.

— I’d like to thank everybody for the good work. You were very active during the lesson.


VII. Home work:  Ex.6,8