Theme: Buying clothes.


  1. Theme: Buying clothes.
  2. The aims of the lesson: 1. Presentation of the dialogue and pronunciation of the

consonant  “th”.

  1. To develop the pupils` reading, writing, speaking and listening

skills and enlarge their vocabulary.

  1. To teach them to work in groups.

III. Visual-aids:   An interactive board, pictures.

IV The type of the lesson: mixed.

The Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment.

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What date is it today?

What day of the week is today?

What is the weather like today?

  1. Phonetic drill.

Breakfast in the morning.

Dinner in the day.

Tea comes after dinner.

Then comes time to play.

Supper in the evening.

When the sky is red.

Then the day is over.

And we go to bed

III. Check-up the home task.

1) Exercise 12.

  1. New words.

coat [kәut]-пальто

glove [gl/\v]-биялай,қолғап.

stocking [stokiη]-шұлық


boot [bu:t]-бәтіңке ,етік

short [jo:t]-шорт,шолақ шалбар

jumper [dз/\mpә]-джемпер


nightdress [naitdres]-түңгі көйлек


tie  [tai]-галстук


  1. New lesson.

1) Exercise 1. To put clothes into the correct column.

          Men              Women          Both
  shirt    blouse    coat
  tie     dress    trousers
     stockings    jeans
     skirt    shoes
     nightdress    T-shirt


2)  Exercise 2.         To answer the questions.

3)  Exercise 3          To read the letter and guess the missing clothes.

  1. a) jumper b) trainers c) shirt

4)  Exercise 4       Make the dialogue. Put the lines in the correct order.

-That`s 5.50.                                                                  7

-White                                                                            4

-What about this one?                                                    5

-Yes, I am looking for a T-shirt.                                    2

-Here`s 6 pounds, please.                                               8

-Can I help you?                                                             1

-Here`s 50 p change and your T-shirt.                            9

-OK, thanks very much. Goodbye.                                10

-What colour are you looking for?                                  3

-It`s nice. I`ll take it, please. How much is that?             6

                    Pronunciation Practice.

[ә]                                            [ ө]

this                                          three

that                                          third

they                                         think

these                                        thank


5) Exercise 7. Put the words in the correct column.

Thick, there, than, theatre, their, thing, those, thirsty, anything, thirty, the





[ð]                                            [ ө]







Word building.

6)  Exercise 8. Match nouns to make new words.

1) traffica) list
2) swimmingb) apple
3)concertc) lights
4) toothd) card
5) shoppinge) hall
6) pinef) paper
7) postg) brush


VII. Find 10 words




  1. Home work.

1) Exercise 10