English lesson Theme Canada

English lesson


Form10 «А»
The aims of the lessona) educational: to acquaint with the geography of Canada, to arouse students` interest in Canada and broaden their mind;
b) developing: to develop  the students’ reading, writing and speaking skills and enlarge their vocabulary
c) bringing up: to bring up the students’ interest for the lesson
The methods of the lesson:speaking, comparing, completing, question-response, bring storming, question-answer .
Visual aids of the lessonSlide show, posters, cards


Good morning girls and boys! We are glad to see you. Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What date is it today? What day is it today? Well, that`s right. Let`s start our lesson. First of all, let`s check up your home task. I prepared tasks. Let`s do.
Home task «UNDP»

Task 1      True or False

  1. The United Nations is an international organization
  2. The United Nations was founded on October 24, 1945
  3. 191 countries are the members of the United Nations
  4. Kazakhstan became a member of the United Nations on March 2, 1992
  5. The Headquarters of the United Nations are in London
  6. 6 official languages are the working languages of the United Nations

Answers: 1. T     2.T       3.T           4.T              5.F         6.T

Task 2     Match the translation with the English phrases

1.      Develop microcredit loans                a) дәйектеме

2.      Government officials                         b) көмек кімге бағытталған

3.      Social programmes                c)шағын несие беруді  дамыту

4.      The programme has focused on         d)әлеуметтік бағдарлама

5.      Donors                                                e)демеушілер

6.      Background                                         f)бағдарлама мән береді

7.      Target beneficiaries                           e)мемлекеттік шенеуніктер

8.      The goal of the programmes               g)бағдарлама межесі

9.      Future target                                         h)болашақ жоспар

10.  Objectives                                             i)     мақсат

Answers: 1.f     2.g     3.a    4.c         5.e        6.d        7.b       8.h     9.i     10.j

Presentation of the new material Well, let` start our new lesson. Today we`ll speak about Canada. First of all, look at the blackboard , please. Slaid 1

Well, you see the official languages of Canada : English and French. Let`s divide into two groups.

 Explaining  new materialØ  Reading.

I give you a text about Canada. First of all you read the text, then draw a poster about your text. Well, let`s start.

First group ask the questions about your text to the second group?

1.Is Canada the largest or the smallest country of the world?

It is the second largest country in the world

2.Where is it situated?

Canada is  situated in North America.

3.What is the population of Canada?

33    million people

4. What are the official languages of the country?

English and French are the official languages of the country.

5. What is the capital of Canada?

Ottawa is the capital of Canada

Second group your questions?

1.      What is the flag of Canada?

The flag is called «The Maple Leaf»

2. What is Canada world known for?

It is world known for its natural resources.

3.Canada is an independent state, isn’t it?

Canada  is a British dominion.

4.Who is the official head of the state?

The British Queen is the head of the state.

5.      What are the first nations?

Indians are the first nations


Consolidation of the new materialTest

1.      Canada is the ____ country in the world

A)    Largest         B) fifth largest        C) second largest

2.      There are ____ provinces and three territories in Canada

A)    50                    B) 10                 C)12

3.      Canada is ____

A)    A federal republic        B) an independent constitutional monarchy        C) a parliamentary republic

4.      Canada became independent from Britain in ____

A)    1759         B)1867    C) 1931

5.      The ___ is the national emblem of Canada

A)    Maple leaf         B)Birch         C) rose

Answers: 1.c     2.b     3.b     4.c      5.a



Рефлексия  I know        I want to know                I don`t want to know
Home taskYour home task will be to retell the text