The theme of the game: “A Happy Chance”

The theme of the game:  “A Happy Chance”

The aims of the extracurricular lesson:

1) to check and revise pupils’ knowledge of country study of the English-speaking countries, to practice grammatically correct oral speech;

2) to enlarge pupils’ active vocabulary;

3) to develop pupils’ general outlook


Visual aids: Power Point slides, cards, pictures, poster



Teacher: Good afternoon, children! Today we are going to play “A Happy Chance Game”.


First of all let me introduce the members of jury. They are Akmaral Utegalievna, Bakhyt Karamanovna, Daria Eltlesovna and Aigerim Zhetkizgenovna.

The class was divided into two teams. Each team had to prepare their emblems, give title name to their team and think a slogan.

Let’s meet our participants and listen to them attentively.


The first round is called “Go on!”  The task is to answer the questions at high speed. If you don’t know the answer, you should say “Go on”.

Team captains, come here to determine the order your team will be asked. Our honorable jury will count the number of the right answers. Every right answer gives one point to your team. There are 15 questions to each team in the first round.


  1. Questions for the first team:
  2. What is the capital of the United Kingdom? (London)
  3. When is Halloween celebrated? (31st of October)
  4. What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)
  5. What is the name of the biggest clock in London? (Big Ben)
  6. It’s on a mountain in Peru. It’s 550 years old. What is it? (The city of Machu Picchu)
  7. What is the capital of Canada? (Ottawa)
  8. Who is Lewis Hamilton? ( a motor racing star)
  9. What is the capital of Estonia? (Tallin)
  10. Who was the first president of the USA? (G. Washington)

10.Where was the famous artist Salvador Dali from? (Spain)

11.The Incas were from…(Peru)

  1. Who is the author of “Dracula”? (Bram Stocker)
  2. Who is Amy Johnson? (the first woman to fly alone from England to Australia)
  3. What animal can open its mouth one metre wide? (a hippo)
  4. What holiday is celebrated on February,14 in England? (St. Valentine’s Day)

Questions for the second team:


  1. What is the capital of the USA? (Washington C.)
  2. What is the symbol of England? (rose)
  3. What is the name of the English Queen? (Elizabeth)
  4. Name the river London is situated on. (the Thames)
  5. What is the national symbol of Scotland? (thistle)
  6. Who wrote the book about Winnie-the-Poor? (Alan Milne)
  7. Who is the author of “Robinson Crusoe”? ( Daniel Defoe)
  8. Who was the first person to walk on the Moon? (Neil Armstrong)
  9. This mausoleum is near Delhi in India. It’s 370 years old.

(the Taj Mahal)

  1. What is the capital of Australia? (Canberra)
  2. What colour is the flag of England? (red, white, blue)
  3. What is the capital of Argentina? (Buenos Aires)
  4. Who became a Wimbledon Tennis Champion at the age of 17? (Maria Sharapova)

14.The first woman to win a Nobel Prize was…(Marie Curie)

15.The only birds which can swim but can’t fly are…(penguins)


  1. Teacher : The second round is called “ Tricks from the box”. We have got a box full of cards with English proverbs. Come here to choose one card. The task is to translate proverbs. If you give  word-for –word translation, you’ll get one point. If you give  a Russian or Kazakh equivalent, you’ll get two points.

Besides, there is  a “Lucky chance ” card. “Lucky chance ” card gives your team extra 5 points added to your score.

English proverbs:

  1. Live and learn-Век живи- век учись
  2. All is well that ends well- Все хорошо, что хорошо кончается
  3. He laughs best who laughs last- Хорошо смеется тот, кто смеется последним
  4. All is not gold that glitters- Не все золото, что блестит
  5. Never say die- Никогда не говори никогда
  6. Appetite comes with eating-Аппетит приходит во время еды
  7. There is no smoke without fire.- Нет дыма без огня
  8. East or West, home is best- В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше
  9. “Lucky chance ” card



III. The third round is called “You Ask Me, I Ask You ”

It was your home task to prepare two questions. Get ready to ask and answer your own questions.

Teacher: Thank you very much for your active participation. Jury will tell the teams’ scores.

Winners will get a prize.

At the end of our lesson 7th «а» form prepared a song “Everything at Once” by Lenka. Let’s listen to it.


Thank you!

The lesson is over.

Big thanks for participation!

Good Bye!