Theme: What will happen?

Theme: What will happen?

Objectives: SWAT study names of important events, will questions and short answers, ask                           and answer questions about the future.

Materials: computer, screen, tapes, interactive board.



2.Warm-up: Important events.Ex.1.

Match the words with the pictures:

1.take exams

2.pass exams exams

4.leave school

5.get a job

6.go abroad

7.go out with someone

8.fall in love

9.get married.

3.Presentation. What will happen? Ex.2a. Let’s look at the photo.

Now answer the question: Is Matt talking about the past, the present or the future?

S1:I think that Matt is talking about  the future.

Ex.2b.Now,close your books and listen to Matt’s questions.

What does he ask about – how many things can you remember.

S1.Where will I live?

S2.Will we walk on Mars one day?

S3.Will I win the race next Saturday?

S4.Will my brother pass his exams?

S5.Will I get a job?

S6.Will  Natalie go out with me?

Ex.2c.Now, let’s match  Matt’s questions with these answers. Let’s listen and check:1.d.

2.b.  3.e. 4.a.5.f. 6.c.


Ex.3. Let’s work with key grammar. Let’s complete the table.


Let’s do Ex,4a. Let’s put the words in the right order and make questions.


Let’s do Ex.4b. Think of answers for the questions in 4a,then ask and answer:

S1: Will I be famous one day?-Yes, you will.

S2: Will Matt pass his maths exam?-Yes, he will.

S3: Will Real Madrid win next Sunday?- Perhaps it will.

S4: When will Tim and Sue get married?- I don’t know. Maybe next year.

S5:Will it rain tomorrow?- No it won’t.

S6: Will you leave school soon?- No, I won’t. I’ll leave school in 2018.

Let’s do Ex.4c. You will test a friend: be /tomorrow/cold/it/ will?

Will it be cold tomorrow?

Let’s do “ Try this! “.


Leave, abroad, pass, fail, exams, married.


5.Production. Let’s do Ex.5. Listen to the poem, then repeat it:


Practise the “w” sounds.

Now, Let’s do Ex.6a. Listen to the song. Do we know what will happen to the man in the park?


Let’s do Ex.6b, complete the questions from the song: 1. Where …  he   …    tonight?

  1. Will he … warm tonight?
  2. What   …         …       bring?

Now, let’s   listen to the song once more and check. Let’s do Ex.6c. Share your ideas about the old man and the other people in the park: 1. Where will  he  sleep  tonight?

S1: He’ll probably sleep under a bridge.

  1. Will other people be warm tonight?

S2: Yes, they will.

3.Will other people talk to him?

S3: No, they won’t.


  1. Evaluation.
  2. Home work: WB. Ex.1-5 p52-53.