The theme: Photo story: Very funny

Form: 9 “B”

The date: 18.12. 2013

The theme: Photo story: Very funny

The objectives:

  • to practice using Present perfect simple in the positive, negative and question forms, to introduce with text; to talk about having fun, to practice use verb (have/make)and noun pairs
  • to study new vocabulary of the photo story and use it in their oral speech (tell about themselves in 8-10 sentences)
  • to teach them to respect themselves; to teach them to be more active and creative;

The type of the lesson: Practice lesson

Recourses used: Cards with words, student’s book, video, audio CDs, pictures and sentences in the papers for the project, interactive board’s exercises, slide show, music, funny pictures.

Lesson plan

  1. Warm up: Good afternoon students! I’m glad to see you and I hope that you are ready for today’s lesson. Student on duty, please your report.

I’m on duty today. My name is … There are … students in class. All are present.

  1. Checking the home task: You know we have news on every English lesson. You prepared some new information about today’s theme. Who is ready?

The 1st group

the 2nd group

and the 3rd group.

III. Brainstorming

I’ll divide you into three groups with the help of these laces, now come to the board and take them one by one. Ok, the purple lace group sits here, the next —  pink there and the last one —  you sit here.

Write your ideas when you hear the word FUNNY (make a funny face, have a very funny story, smile, tell a joke, have funny time, be in the funny situation, laugh, laughter, etc.)


  1. Presentation: Today we are going to speak about funny stories.

Ex 7, on page 50 Look at the photo story. Who is telling a joke? (Jess telling a joke)Who finds it funny? (Debbie finds it funny)Who doesn’t? (Joel and Pete don’t find it funny). Listen and try to find the answers. Now, let’s read and act the story.

Answer the questions.

1st group, 1 How do they feel in pictures 1 and 2? Why?

2nd group, 2 What does Debbie think of the joke Jess has told?

3rd group, 3 Why does Joel say ‘Very funny!’ in the last line?

  1. Practice in speaking. Ex 8, on page 51Find the expressions 1-6 in the story. Who says them? How do you say them in your language?
  2. Tell me about it. (Pete, сол туралы айтып берші)
  3. In other words, …… (Debbie, басқаша айтқанда)
  4. What’s the point of …? (Joel, мағанасы неде?)
  5. Come on (Debbie, кел бізге қосыл, ойын қандай)
  6. Know that? (Jess, білесің бе?, соны білдің бе?)
  7. …as long as … (Pete, ұзақ, осындай ұзақ, ұзақырақ)

Practice in writing. They should do this exercise in interactive board. 

Ex 8 (b), on page 51Complete the dialogues with the expressions 1-6 from exercise 8(a)

  1. A: Sandra told me that she doesn’t like you very much?

B: Know that? I don’t really care!

  1. A: Can I use your mobile phone?

B: Sure …………… you don’t make an international call!

  1. A: I think I’m the worst student in the class!

B: Oh, …………, Pete! You know that isn’t true!

  1. A: I think I’m too tired to go out tonight.

B: ……………, you don’t want to go to the cinema.

  1. A: Homework! Homework!

………… having all this homework?

B: Well, it helps you remember what you’ve learned.

  1. A: I’ve got hardly any money at all.

B: ………! I had to ask my little brother to lend me a pound this morning

ANSWERS:  2…as long as …; 3 come on; 4 In other words; 5 what’s the point of; 6 Tell me about it;

Now, I think you’re tired and so do the next exercise. Look at the board and repeat.   


  1. When things get stressful for you, do you get up early in the morning? What else do you do?
  2. Does telling jokes or laughing help you when you’re stressed? Why/Why not?
  3. How do you feel when someone tells jokes all the time? Why?



Ex 9, on page 51. Work with a partner. Take two minutes to prepare a short role play. Try to use some of the expressions from Exercise 8a. Do not write the text, just agree on your ideas for a short scene. Then act it out.

Basic idea: Pete is laughing about something and finds it very funny. This time the two girls don’t see any reason to laugh.   


Ex 9, on page 51. This episode is about big misunderstanding. Look at the photos. In pairs, make up a shot story about what you think happens, using the words in the box bellow. Use as many words as you like. Then watch episode 3.

revision for the exams       work non- stop     cool  idea

to text about it   embarrassing    happy ending





Evaluation: Today you were very active.

Home task: WB 38-39

Conclusion: Have you got any questions? What have you known today? Our lesson is over! Good bye!