Time and Youth. Step 3. Is it easy to be a teenager? Have a talk about teen’s problems.

Theme: Unit 5. Time and Youth. Step 3. Is it easy to be a teenager? Have a talk about teen’s problems.


Educational:  to develop lexical material, talking about teen’s problems.

Developing: to develop memory, logical thinking and developing creative work with new technologies, to provide an opportunity of free speaking.

Bringing up: to make an interest to the subject, learn students to bring up themselves.

Vocabulary: adults’ opinions about teenagers, teenagers’ opinion about adults, relations between parents and children.

Grammar: adjectives

Visual aids: interactive board – slides, papers, markers, T-shirts.

Type of the lesson: consolidate and develop the knowledge, skills and abilities.

Method of the lesson: have a talk, question-answer

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. The Beginning of the lesson:
  2. Organizational moment – Greeting.
  3. The Main part of the lesson:
  4. Look at the screen and listen to the text about the happy youth and happy life. (слайд 1)
  5. (на слайде фотография подростка, учащиеся отвечают на вопросы учителя)(слайд 2)

-Is the person happy?

— No, he isn’t happy. It seems he is unhappy.

-Why do you think he isn’t happy?

— May be he has a problem.

-What problems has he got?

— I think it may be family or school problem.

— As for me I think he ran away from the home.

— He couldn’t cope with the difficulties.

— Is it easy to be young?

— Sometimes we think it is not easy to be a teenager.

— You are right. It is not easy to be young because teenagers today have a lot of problems.

  1. Checking up home task: Look through newspapers, magazines, Internet, come across and write a composition about teen’s problems:

P1- One of the worst teenage problems is schooling. Sometimes you feel bad because of teachers’ or classmates’ attitude to you. You are tired of studying, that’s why you don’t have energy and time for doing other things. Also I’d like to say that a lot of teens like to look older, that’s why they obtain bad habits like smoking, drinking, taking drugs, etc. But a teen can have bad habit because of problems in private life.

P2- Parents press on their child, they think he is iron and he doesn’t feel soul ache. Parents want us to study very well; they don’t understand that we do everything a good as we can. They don’t respect our interests thinking that we become strange because of music or sporty.

P3- Every teenager has a favorite singer, writer or sportsman. But no one should become a fan, because we can kill our individuality and become clones. Sometimes a quarrel between teens can lead to serious problems. It’s very dangerous! Also bad relationships between members of the family make the teen very unhappy. The teen doesn’t get along with parents and relatives.

P4- I think loneliness, lack of pocket money or parents’ misunderstanding can make teens unhappy. None should be angry because of teen’s feelings. The boy or the girl often doesn’t control his or her feelings. Streets and street bands can make a teen ruder. That’s why parents shouldn’t allow their children to have such interests.

P5— I know a lot of boys and girls, who think that cleaning their room is the most important problem. They think it’s boring and useless, because the room will become dirty 5 minutes later. I think, teens who have comps are very boring and uninteresting. You can’t speak with them about something beside their comps. It’s a real problem, to my mind.

P6- I think that when a person grows and stops being a teen, he or she stops understanding us. Only teen can understand people, who are the same age as he is. It’s really difficult to be a teenager!

Р7-1 also have problems with some lessons and teachers. I would like to choose my favorite subjects for next year.


  1. Работа в режиме: Т – Р1, Р2, Р3,…? (Учащиеся отвечают на вопрос)

— What problems do the teenagers have?

— Count, please – the first, the second. Form groups.

  • What problem do you find the most important and interesting to discuss?
  • Personal problems.
  • We’ll work in groups and do some tasks. One of the teen’s problems to help is personal problem. What are the causes or reasons of personal problems?

Task 1. What problems bother young people of your age?  (slides   ) Quickly write them down and make a diagram.

  • Generation gap – разрыв между поколениями
  • Misunderstanding (parents, teachers, friends, girl/boy friends)
  • School life and future career (having no class friend, pressure and stress, pocket money)
  • Free time activities (hobby, duties, interests, rest and meetings, computer, mobile phone)
  • Bad habits (smoking, drugs, alcohol )
  • Subculture (clothes, fashion, appearance)
  • No freedom, too much control
  • Homelessness and leaving homes (poverty, unemployment, parents don’t have time to look after their children, unsatisfactory living conditions, family problems)
  • Love and friendship (happy or unhappy)

Task 2. Discuss teen’s life from different points of view: So, what do the adults think of teenagers?

– Little responsibility, lazy, rude.

  • Don’t respect the elders
  • Think about rebellion against the society, reject everything, protest against.
  • Wear ridiculous clothes/shocking way of wearing clothes/have strange appearance


Task 3. Teenagers life ambitions — What do the teenagers want?

1.to be independent- быть независимыми

2.to be taken seriously- относиться серьезно

3.to do well at school- успевать в школе

4.to be treated with respect- быть уважаемым

5.to express one’s own individuality- выражать собственную индивидуальность

6.to try to change the world to the best- пытаться изменить мир к лучшему

7.to rebel against the society- восстать против общества

8.to reject everything- отвергать все

9.to enjoy life- наслаждаться жизнью

10.to earn enough money- зарабатывать деньги

11.to overcome all the life problems- преодолевать все жизненные проблемы

Task 4. Being a teenager. What does it mean? Let`s brainstorm the ideas. You can work in  groups. Share your ideas.

BEING A TEENAGER (positive and negative positions)

What do teenagers think about themselves:

(on the one hand)(on the other hand)
1. great fun, exciting, wonderful time1.very difficult, dangerous, hard time
2. falling in love2.taking a lot of exams
3 dating3.overcoming difficulties
4. choosing a career.4.commiting crimes
5. important decisions5.problems with parents, teachers,
6. having everything for the first time6.problems with classmates, friends
7. new discoveries, new opportunities7. emotional problems
8. new people, new friends8. financial problems


It is time for exercises. Everybody stand up and dance.

Task 5. I’ll give you’re an envelope with some words. Your task is put these words in the correct order and write an expression.

(There is a poster with the following words on the blackboard)

  1. Enjoy your teens and have some fun,

Your life has only just began!

  1. There is a reason for all these problems you are coming through your teenager years!
  • Write down the day and date. Write the expression into your note books.

Task 6. Fill in each gap with the given words. Change the word if you need:

Teenagers have different (ambition). They want to be (to depend) and to be (take) seriously. Most of teens try to express their (individual). The main problems are family problems, school problems and (cruel). There are many ways of (to solve) them.

Teenagers have different ambitions. They want t be depended and to be taken seriously. Most of teens try to express their individuality. The main problems are family problems, school problems and cruelty. There are many ways of solving them.


Teacher: Well done, children. Now let us make a conclusion if  being a teenager is difficult or not.

Task 7. Students say their opinions and make a conclusion.

  1. Young people want to enjoy life and be independent and be taken seriously, to express their individuality and do well at school, earn money and change the world for the best. The problem is that sometimes teens do not get what they want. As a result, teenagers try to rebel against the society and reject everything. That is why they have different problems. The reasons of these problems are rather various.


  1. We usually go to our parents if we have problems. They guide and teach us every time we have problems. They fill our lives with love and care.  They always want the best for us in everything we do.   We usually go to our friends when we have problems. In order to overcome the difficulties, think that you belong to the family and that they are there always for you to guide you, to have fun with you and to love you.  We can avoid by starting a new day and by realizing that it’s not for the better but for worst. Remember that we are unique.  And we have a special talent that we should discover. We are love by the people around us and by our parents.


Task 8. Create your own T-shirts with your motto.

Let`s change the world to the best

Say «no» to drugs (alcohol, cigarettes)

Say «yes» to freedom (piece, love, tolerance, friendship)

Everyone has the right to life (non-discrimination)

Put cigarettes (alcohol, drugs) out of fashion.

Being a teenager means to be happy (to have great fun).

Students create T-shirts with messages and display them on the blackboard. They can choose the best message.

Summarize the lesson with one word:

  1. Teenagers are young and full of energy;
  2. They have lots of friends;
  3. Young people can choose any route they want;
  4. They are too young to see only bad sides of life.
  5. Life is beautiful.


In conclusion, I’d like to say that growing up brings a lot of problems. But you are too young to see only bad sides of life. Remember! There is always a way out of every situation.
Now look at the board. There you can see a basket and two flowers – a red rose and a bluebell. Everyone should go to the board and choose a flower. Choosing the flower depends on the following fact – if our today’s theme of the lesson makes you think of  the  way you live, think of your problems, your ambitions. you should choose a red rose and if our lesson doesn’t change your mind you should choose a bluebell. You are welcome.

Учащиеся по очереди подходят в интерактивной доске и выбирают цветок.

Учитель:  — Pay attention we have a brilliant basket. No doubt, the teens’ problems will increase. And young people should fell that they are cared for.  So I wish you be happy and you should always remember that teenage years are the most beautiful period of our life. It is the beginning of an adult life. And our attitudes to life and people formulate in the period of being a teenager.
Your marks are  …… Our lesson is over. You have worked hard today. Thank you