Where are you going to spend your holidays ?

Theme :     Where are you going to spend your holidays ?

Aims:          1.to introduce with the flags of the countries, to make up plans

for the future;

  1. to motivate pupils to speak on the theme; to use Present                                Perfect  Tense and the structure “to be going to”;

to develop pupils attention and skills in reading, speaking, writing

  1.    to arouse the pupils interest to the adventures;

The type of the lesson:   excursion lesson

The form of the lesson: pairs-work, group-work.

Methods:                          methods of cooperation (pupils work of together,

making up their own sentences …)

Visions:                            cards, markers and poster, notebook, video films

textbook, tables, flash-cards; flowers;

Other  subjects:               Geography, literature and music


Literature:                       a. textbook by T.  Ayapova

  1.   b. N.G. Bruises »Traveling » p.27.1997
  2.   »English for everybody»   4   2007.


General plan of the lesson:


  1. Organizing moment
  2. Brainstorming

III. Presentation

  1. a) Listening
  2. b) Reading
  3. Practice
  4. a) Speaking
  5. b) Writing
  6. Product
  7. Motivation

VII. Home work.



The procedure of the lesson:



  1. Greetings


-Good afternoon, children

-How are you?

-Now, boys and girls, we have guests in your lesson, as you see. Lets begin our lesson.


Good, better, best.

Never, never rest.

Till your good is better.

And your better best.


The  epigraph of our lesson is East or West, Home is best.


  1. Brainstorming


  1. Odd-one-out :
  2. pen, fork, pencil-box, ruler, book.
  3. cheese, orange, apple, banana, lemon.
  4. English, Russian, History, Math, London.
  5. tennis, football, hockey, hamburger, volley-ball. ( work with the cards)


  1. Do you like to watch tales ? Look at the screen, please. The tale about bears.(video film)
  2. 3. Continue the tale: The bears have only four lessons every day. The first lesson is Listening, the second is Reading, the third is Writing and the last is Speaking.

Lets use their time-table at our lesson today, do you want ?

III. Presentation


Lesson-1      Listening


Look at the screen, slide 1-5.

  1. What country have this flag ? (Kazakhstan, Canada,

Australia, France, USA, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Britain.)

  1. Make up a sentence using the Present Perfect Tense.

F/e: I have been to Spain. I have never been to Australia.

  1. Work with the pictures, slide 6-8. Show me your cards.


Lesson-2         Reading     


1.Read  and understand the text. (work with the book)

Colin: I want to stay with my friend in Almaty and Astana. They say that Astana is a modern city. I have never been to Kazakhstan. I have been to France, Italy, Japan. I like to travel by air. I have stayed in hotels there, I like homes.

Omar: I want to visit the USA. I have never visited Washington. I have been to Scotland, Ireland. I have lived in a hotel in Wales.

Asel: I want to visit New York. I think New York is the most beautiful and biggest city in the world. I have never been to the USA, I have to Scotland, Ireland, Germany. I want to stay in a big hotel in New York.

Dmitry: I have never been to any Disneyland. I want to go to Los Angeles. I have never been to the USA. I want to see  Hollywood. I have visited Mexico, Canada.


2.Find and continue reading the text.

3.Fill the chart about the four people. (Work with the cards)



NameHas been toHas never beenWants to visit



 Good, better, best.

 Never, never rest.

 Till your good is better.

 And your better best.


A game “ Fish”  To write the names of the countries in one side of the fish, and the names of the cities in the next side of the fish.


Lesson-3      Writing


Write exercise 5 B using the text on page 190.

Omar’s grandfather is a hunter. He trains hunting eagles to hunt wild animals. He

has been to Turkey, the USA. He met hunters there. He has 4 eagles. He loves eagles.

  1. Omar’s grandfather is a hunter.- T
  2. He doesn’t train eagles to hunt wild animals. — F
  3. He has been to Turkey to hunt. — F
  4. He has been to Turkey, the USA and has met hunters. — T
  5. Omar looks after his grandfathers 4 eagles. — F

Let’s check up your answers in a graphical form on the blackboard.


Lesson-4       Speaking    


Let’s take the interview from your partners or teachers.



I interviewed … .


She/ he has been to … .


… has never been to … .


.. wants to visit ….


  1. Motivation: A red, green and yellow flowers.


At the bears school give only flowers to the children inside marks. And therefore I should like to give you these beautiful flowers.


VII. Home work.


Write a short essay about your future plan, where are you going to spend your holidays.