Work on grammar

Form:  7

The theme of  lesson: Work on grammar.

The aims of lesson: Revision of the previous grammar themes through doing some exercises.

                                   To develop their vocabulary in the areas, to educate  the pupils to patriotism,

The aids of lesson: cards, note — book, markers, level tasks, stickers;

Type  of  the  lesson: method of explanation, question-responsible , vocabulary work;

Method  of  the  lesson: group  work; pair work;

Expected results:  Pupils can  answer the questions.  They are remember the  words of new theme.

Activities of  teacherActivities of pupilsResources



Organization moment.


Decla­ration of the theme and the aims of the lesson.

Warming up.


Put “must” or mustn’t

and translate:




— Good morning !

— Everybody raise their hands and say «Here»/ «Present».









to come late to your classes; to miss your English classes; to make noise here; to talk at the lectures; to read in the darkness; to call him so late; to smoke in the children’s room;
















Beginning lesson

(Тұсау кесер)




(Болымсыз және cұраулы түрде жаз)

He can speak English. 

He can not (can’t) speak English.

Can he speak English?




Our friends can ski and skate well.

You may take my bag.

They must get up early.

I can swim well.

He may come in.

You must read many books.

Mary can play the piano.

My cat can climb the tree.

You may invite your friends.

We must go there.




Posters and markers


Theoritcal part

(Негізгі бөлім)


Task 3

Check yourself

Choose the correct form of the verb.



1. Choose the correct form of the verb.

1.Abay———-born in 1845.

a/ are

b/ was

c/ were

d/ is

e/ had been

2. Abay——————to school at the age of 9.

a/ goes

b/ go

c/ went

d/ had gone

e/ was going

3. Abay——————real masterpieces of literature.

a/ was writing

b/ wrote

c/ written

d/ write

e/ writes

4. They ————-little Abay a lot of tales and legends.

a/ tell

b/ told

c/ were telling


e/ was told

5. Abay—————-in 1904 at the age of 59.

a/was dead

b/ had died

c/ died

d/has died







English book 7class

(Аяпова.Т АбильдаеваЗ)

Cards with sentences



Conclusion part.

(Қорытынды бөлім)

Task 4

Individual work


Can, may or must

and translate:












Home work:

Giving marks:

Writing the reflection.


I …. buy fruit today.

…. I see your mother?

…. you show me this picture?

You … not go there. They are bad people.

My parents … phone me. I …not go for a walk.

You …watch TV when you finish your work.

They …not translate this text. It is difficult.

You …work more.

…he go home? It is 6 o’clock.

… I ask you to play the piano? – I’m sorry but I ….









Writing  the own opinion of self



Copy book

and cards














Diary of pupils