Work and Money.

The theme of  lesson: Work and Money.

The aims of lesson: To enlarge pupils vocabulary, to pay attention to their pronunciation, to teach to work individually. To enrich students knowledge concerning the theme. Presentation of the new words, to explain the text.

The aids of lesson: cards, interactive board, note — book, markers, stickers.

Type  of  the  lesson: question- answer, explaining;

Method  of  the  lesson: group  work, pair work;

Expected results:  Pupils will know  new words& new expressions;

Activities of  teacherActivities of pupilsResources


Organization moment


I’ll check the register.


— Good morning !

— everybody raise their hands and say «Here»/ «Present».


Beginning the lesson

(Тұсау кесер)

Giving cards with some examples:




Checking up home task

Unit 5 Step 1


Presentation of the  new words:


Work, useful, money, redundant, admire, future, job.






Income [iŋkәm]-табыс

Fee [fi:]- қаламақы

Salary [sæləri]- жалақы

Wage [weidз]- еңбекақы

Bonus[bounәs]- сыйлық ақша

Scholarship [skolarʃip]- стипендия











Theoritcal part

(Негізгі бөлім)


To explain the text.

To read the text correctly and discuss your ideas in your group



To do exercise 1

Fill in the blanks in each sentence with the words from the box above.





















  1. _________ is a sum of money paid above the regular pay.
  2. _________ is a payment received for work or services.
  3. _________ is  amount of money earned from work.
  4. _________ is a fixed regular monthly payment.
  5. _________ is a payment for professional services.
  6. _________ is a sum of money awarded to a clever student.



English book 10class p.159






Copy -book

Conclusion part.

(Қорытынды бөлім)


Copy and complete the crossword

















Each right answer 1 score





Home work:

Giving marks:

Writing the reflection.






















Exercise:5p.160.Reading &translating.



Poster and markers





















Diary of pupils