Theme of the lesson : Hotel Reservation. Checking in and out

Theme of the lesson :  Hotel Reservation. Checking in and out

Aims of the lesson:

I.Educational: 1.To teach  pupils  to speak on the theme master new lexis and its use in speech enrich pupils knowledge about hotel industry

  1. Developing : to develop memory, attention, using the active board

III.Bringing up: to create the interest to study foreign languages

The type of the lesson: Travelling  lesson

Visual aids :  Active board, cards, pictures, slides, tape recorder

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment


You are welcome to our travelling  lesson.

Good morning boys and girls.I am glad to see you and hope that you arte ready for the lesson and are in a good mood.Today our lesson is dedicated to the hotel industry exactly to the hotel reservation. We will travel  to a very interesting world, the world of hotels. On our way we are going to make some stops at different stations and you will do different tasks. Lets start.

II.Phonetic drill

We are coming to the first station .It is called “Phonetic”.

Listen to the tape recorder, repeat after  the announcer:

A customer, a reservation, a luggage, a porter, a passport, an address, a telephone, a key, a room, a breakfast,a manager, a mini bar, to check, to sign, to fill

III. Speech drill

And  now we are at the station “ Discussion”

1.Discuss: Do you agree with the statement “ The customer always right” ?

  1. Put the words in the correct order to make a sentence.(Slide1)

Example :can/ How/help/you/ /I/?-How can I help you ?1




3.Give the possible guests replies. Your questions are given.(Slide2)

Example:      -Do you have a reservation?

                      -Yes, I do. A table for three.

  1. –Will you give me your passport, please?

  1. — Would you like a room with a shower or a bath ?

  1. — Do you mind a view from the window ?




  1. Presentation

We are now at the station “ Presentation”.This station can be very useful for you.If you take an active part during the lesson you can get much useful information about the hotel industry and you will learn to present our hotel.Today we will learn some words and wordcollections on the theme “ Taking a Reservation”.

Please ,look at the active board.We will watch slides.(Slide 3)

Answer my questions: What do you see on this slide? Do you  recognize this hotel?

-Yes you are right.This is our Hotel Tau-Tekeli. Now ,lets  go on.


I.There are some words and word collections on the theme Hotel industry .Please repeat after me:

Single room

Twin room

Double room

Standard room

Superior room

Suite room


Make a reservation for a room –

Booking confirmation

In advance


The rate includes sauna,gym,parking,safe,deposit box.

Check in time-

Check-out time

Pay for services

Payment in local currency

Pay cash



Write down these new words into your notebooks.

III. Making of an advertisement. Work in groups.

Let us stop at the next station.Station “ Tau-Tekeli”

Description of the slides 3,4,5.

-What kind of rooms do you have in our hotel Tau-Tekeli?

-Do you like our hotel?

-Could you tell me about our hotel?

Use active words and sentences for the making of an advertisement of our “Tau-Tekeli”.

Group 1,your advertisement .The other groups  should listen attentively and choose the best advertisement.

IV.The next station is called “ Reception“ (Slide 6 )

As you know the reception is the important place in the hotel. We can take a reservation ,our guests can book rooms , they can also check in and out here.

  1. “ Summing up and marks” station”

Thanks a lot.It is time ti finish our travel.You have worked hard.I am satisfied with your work.

VI.Home task.

  • What do the receptionist and the guest discuss at the front desk?
  • Используя новые слова и словосочетания и при помощью образцов заявки на бронирование и подтверждения бронирования гостиничного номера составить аналогичные деловые письма.

( Копии образцов писем раздаются всем уч-ся).