Would you like some more tea?

The theme of the lesson:   Would you like some more tea?

The aims of the lesson:  1.to develop their knowledge  about countable and

uncountable     nouns,the meanings of much and many;some and any; 2.to enrich

pupils vocabularies  and develop their skillings of speaking,wriying and reading.3.to

develop   pupils interest in learning English.

Visual aids:     Cards,activeboard,tables

                                                 Outline of the lesson :

I.Organisation moment :  -Good afternoon,gues

-How are you?

-Are you ready for the lesson?

II.Phonetic drill: — Who is on duty today

-Who is absent?

-What day is it today?

-What date is it today?

-What month is it now?

-What season is it now?

III.How much money do you have

Not much.Not much.

How  much money do you have?

A few dollars ,a few dollars

How much money ,do you have?

It’s mine.It’s mine.

IV.Introducing  the grammar p,209

Would like / would love –нақты уақытты және сол уақыттағы іс-әрекетті көрсетеді

What would you like to do this evening?

I would like some juice now

Would like= ‘d like

Would love=’d love

Like-адамның жалпы ұнататын іс-әрекетін білдіреді

I like swimming .She likes dancing

I like apples .He likes bananas

V.Practise your grammar

Ex,6 Put some,any in the correct place in the sentences

1/There are newspapers on the bookshelf

Example: There are some  newspapers  on the bookshelf

1/Are there  ?    bus tickets in your briefcase?

2/There are ? stamps in my bag

3/There aren’t   ?   keys in the kitchen

4/There are   ?  pens  on the table

5/Are there  ?  Greek students in your class?

6/There aren’t ? biscuits

7/Is there  ?  cheese on the menu?

8/Can we have  ?  oranges?

9/Would you like ?  vegetables?

10/Would you like  ?  coffee?

VI.Practise your conversation

a/Ordering a meal  “At the cafe”

b/ I’m thirsty      “At home”

VII.Now children,let’s link all the words which we ‘ve heard today




-potatoes,salad,cheese,vegetables etc…..

Playing the game  “BINGO”

You should mark the translations of the words   which   I   name now













Reading the dialogue and try to translate it

Vocabulary:Are there any new words?

-Can I help you?

-Yes,please.Three small ice-creams

-What flavour?

-What flavor have you got?

-I’ve got strawberry,vanilla,chocolate and coffee

-OK,one strawberry,one vanilla and one chocolate,please

-Right…..who’s the strawberry for?

-It’s for her

-And the chocolate?

-It’s for him.The vanilla’s for me

-Here you are

-How much is that?

-They’re 60 p. each that’s 1.80.altogether


VIII.Giving home task: Ex,3 learn the dialogue and translate it into your native language

Giving marks .The lesson is over .Good bye.