The Values

The Theme: The Values

The Aims: 1. To give characteristics to the word “happiness”

  1. To develop pupils reading abilities and answer the questions
  2. To support the positive feelings of the pupils

The type: mixed lesson
The kind: a conclusion lesson
Visual aids: screen, placards, the picture of the heart
The procedure of the lesson

  1. Good afternoon, dear children and guests! You are welcome to our mixed lesson “The Values”. At the lesson take part the members of the circle “Polyglotus”. At first, look at the creen and read , memory these words.
  2. Let’s we make the circle and wish each other health, luck, happiness etc.
  • Read the text “What means the word «Happiness»? one by one, then

answer the questions.

                         What means the word «Happiness»?

Much great and successful people looked for the answer to a question of the concept «Happiness» and found the vision. Attempts to explain were made at all times. But thus, in our opinion, there are two basic approaches to definition happiness. On the one hand, researchers say that the happiness has the spiritual began; on the other hand, figures much authoritative and respected in the history of mankind prove that the happiness has a material basis. Thus, each person has own idea of happiness. Some call happiness the material prosperity, full satisfaction of the requirements. Others consider as happiness the sublime state of mind connected with love experiences, a smile of darling, in the joyful afternoon, a good act, warm conversation. Proceeding from a set of thoughts, statements of great and wise people of mankind, we want to state own vision happiness. We think that human life is filled with two energies. On the one hand, spiritual energy, on the other hand, the material. In our opinion, the happiness is a condition of pleasure at which human life is filled with positive energies, both spiritual, and material. When the person is happy, he has unusual feeling of pleasure — exults, the soul as if taking all body sings, towers to heavens and spreads iridescent, multi-colored splashes like bright fireworks. This condition of endless love and gratitude to life. L.Grebkhorn investigates many years influence of thoughts and feelings on human life. She explains that everything in this world consists of energy: you, I, rock, tree, and each blade. And energy, in essence, represents waves and doesn’t undertake anywhere, and only turns from one look into another. All our Universe is a single whole. The word of «Universe» consists of «Uni» «one», and «verse» — «song» that «One song» literally means. All separate elements of the Universe work by the principle of unity and closely interact, influence at each other. And we mankind, are closely interconnected from the Universe — with mighty, mysterious and infinite, with everything that is present at it and that surrounds each of us. And interaction it happens through energy. We and everything round us is energy, we — a component of one big power field of the Universe. Our body consists of million living cells, and in everyone to a cage, in each of us vital energy flows. Without it we won’t be able to exist, and human life depends on circulation of this energy. And sources of human energy are feelings, thoughts. When we in good mood then we are filled with pleasure and gratitude, our emotions generate the power fluctuations attracting only good events. But if we test negative emotions — fear, anger, alarm, contempt, hatred, rage, greed, we attract unpleasant events, that is, negative energy. We always attract people, events and the vital circumstances corresponding to quality of our energy, as in the history — a parable about the wanderer. The wanderer went the way. Having passed some distance on a strong heat, he was very tired. At the road  grew a big tree, and he decided to have a rest in its shadow. The cool shadow delivered pleasure to the traveler. He told himself: «I could find this cool place and as it would be good if I could drink a glass of cold water! «. Hardly he it thought as the big glass of water already faced it. Having drunk waters, he thought: «I satisfied thirst, and as though I was happy, it appear here a soft bed! Earth here such firm and rough.» The big soft bed right there went down to it. And he thought: «Even I in the house have no such pillow! If my wife saw it, she so would be delighted!» And immediately there was a wife. Having seen it, the wanderer thought: who is it? My wife or demon? «. As soon as he thought of it, the wife turned into the demon.

When the traveler sitting under a tree, had peace thoughts — positive energy, a tree responded on them good deeds when he thought about bad, negative energy brought the corresponding consequences.

When at us is born nasty thoughts, nasty affairs when kind — good luck drops out happen dreams. Both good, and bad proceeds from our heart. Neither that, nor another comes from the outside. Therefore the first stage, we have to make the heart as it is possible more purely. To change life round us to the best, to restore the health and financial position, to become happier and happier with life, it is necessary — to learn to operate only one the feelings, and, therefore, the energy. Positive spiritual energy such elements, as love increase, pleasure, gratitude, goodwill, compassion, mercy, ability to forgive, a sense of responsibility, that is all conditions and the feelings making common sense. Negative spiritual energy generates negative feelings and ignorant acts, such as anger, hatred, envy, insults, a beating, fights, humiliations sometimes passing to crimes — violence, thefts, murders.


Teacher:  1) What do you think what is the happiness?

  1. I think the happiness — it is the state of soul.
  2. In my opinion — there are two happiness one the spiritual, the other material.
  3. To my mind happiness it is love, smile of the child, the open, blue sky, peace.


Teacher: 2) How do you think is the happiness connected with the energy?

  1. I suppose that the happiness connected with the energy.
  2. It has 2 energies: negative and positive.


Teacher: 3) What are the sources of energy?

To my mind the energy appears from everything. For example: from me, you, rock.


Teacher: 4) From what appears the positive energy?

The positive energy appears from our feelings, thoughts. We should to think about good things, ideas. We have to make our heart more purely and should learn to operate our feelings. We should to be grateful to life, to our parents, to our state. Always be proud of our motherland.

  1. Шығармашылық топтық жұмыс «Хат»
  2. Притча «Счастье и любовь»
  3. From heart to heart

Now we are making a beautiful camomilie. On the leaves of the camomilie you should write the positive wishes for yourself, for the other people.

  • Conclusion

I think, today we conduct unusual lesson. What do you know in this lesson? What do you think? How to be happy?

What is your opinion?   Is the lesson was interesting?

The lesson is over. Thank you for your taking part in our lesson, be always active and hardworking! I wish you success in your life, be happy!