Тақырыбы: I want to visit Astana

Тақырыбы:  I want to visit Astana


educational: to enrich students’ vocabulary stock with words                                                 concerning  the theme, talk about the sightseeings of Astana

  developing: to develop speaking, reading and writing habits

   bringing – up: to motivate students’  interest in learning English, to educate the feelings of patriotism, to make students feel themselves rich and successful

The type of the lesson: getting information

The kind of the lesson: traditional lesson

The visual aids:

  1. The interactive board
  2. Video clip
  3. Slides reflecting sightseeings of London

І. Organization moment. Greetings.

  1. Brainstorming. Today we will travel to Astana. We will introduce with the sights of our capital. What do think Why do people travel? Give your reasons…


ІІІ. Reading the text exercise 1, page 147.  Whose plan do you like?

  1. Complete the chart about four people.
Name has  been/ visitedhas never beenwants to go/to visit


  1. Make your own plan as these people.
  2. Presentation of the sightseeing’s of Astana.

VII. Do you know the sights of Astana? Working with a flipchart.

VIII. Make a dialogue about travelling.

  1. Conclusion moment.
  2. Giving marks and homework.

     Your homework is writing an essay about Astana.