The aims of the brain game « I am a Leader»

Есекеева Жаңыл Серікқазықызы ағылшын тілі мұғалімі

ШҚО Семей қаласы, Бұлақ жалпы орта білім беретін мектебі

The  aims  of the brain  game  « I am a Leader»

1  Оқушылардың танымдылық ой –өрістерін кеңейту,  алған білімдерін  еркін                              қолдануға ,кеңейтуге дағдыландыру.

2  Ойлау,  еркін сөйлеу,  тапқырлық , шапшаңдық қабілеттерін  дамыту.

3 Ағылшын тіліне  қызығушылықтарын  арттыру,  отанына, елде тұратын барлық  ұлттарға  деген құрмет ,достық  қарым-қатынасқа тәрбиелеу.

The equipment:  мақал мәтелдер, ойын тақырыбы,  сиқырлы сандар, комьпютер

Good  day dear guests and pupils. You are welcome to our English party.! Today we are going to have  a brain Game  I am a Leader between pupils 8th-  11th forms.The participants will show their knowledge about  our country Kazakhstan.  Our brain game consists of 7 rounds.  At first we must choose the juries.  Now let us beging our game.The rounds of the brain game I am a Leader

1st  round .  Warm up

2nd round.   Baige                         5th round . Who is quickly?

3rd round.Polyglot                       6th round. Lexical

4th round. 7 wonders                    7th round. Speaker

At  first all  participants introduce  themselves.  We call all our participants to the stage.   There are 5 players

Hello my friends . I am…  . I am  a schoolgirl of  10th  form.  I like to…

My favorite …     My hobby is..   My aim of the life is  …  I want to win this game and  I wish my partner a good luck or enjoyable game…..

I      Warm up    Match Antonyms

1 Peace                          a)   easy

2 Famous                        b)    expensive

3  Difficult                      c)    lazy

4  Return                         d)   unknown

5 Open                             e)   war

6 Hardworking                f)    independent

7 Cheap                            j)    close

8 dependent                      h)   came back  —

        II     Baige  Who answers faster or first gets a score

1 What country is Kazakhstan?

2 When  was taken the Independence of Kazakhstan?

3 Who is the head of  KZ?

4 Where  lies our country?

5 How many population has Kazakhstan ?

5  How many countries  does  KZ border on ?

6  The coldest part of  KZ is …

  • When was adopted the first Constitution ?
  • How many regions has KZ ?
  • The colour of flag of  is…
  • What can you see in the flag ?
  • What is the symbol of peace ?
  • When did Astana became as capital of our country ?
  • What religion dominate in Kazakhstan.?
  • When was flown the first cosmonaut  to the space ?
  • What is the symbol of Astana ?
  • When is celebrated the Kazakh national holiday ?
  • How many nationalities live in our country ?
  • Who is the author of emblem of KZ ?
  • Where and when was born the President ?
  • What river is Astana  on ?
  • The author of the novel “Abai zholy” is …
  • What is the official language of our country ? ….

     III  Polyglot  Say words in 3 languages, guess riddles quickly.

…… speak louder than words (    action , )

Two …. are better than  one   (heads)

East or west  …… is best     ( home)

There is no ……  like home  (place)

Knowledge is ….           (   power )

So many countries so many …..(custams )

Motherland is everyones …. (birthplace)

Speech is silver  …. is gold   ( silence)

Who can be your sister’s mother for you? (  mother)

What can be always  yellow ?  (sun)


It runs, runs, but it will never run out

It flows, who knows .  ( a river)

This animal can go long time without food and water ( a camel)

It is , it is cold. We can skate on it . What is this ?  ( ice)

A blue sheet cover whole world           ( the sky)

What goes up when the rain comes.     ( an umbrella)

A place where you get books  and must return it  (book)

What day don’t you go to school ? ( on Sunday)

(After this round two of players  who has fewer scores must leave the game.)

         IV    7   Wonders

        On this round  Questions are given in different theme and scores are  from  10  to 50. The participants must choose the box where is written the tasks

                                Culture ( 10 score)

  • Who was the winner of contest Saz alemy?  ( K. Nurtas.)

After whom is called  the film studie of KZ? ( ZH. Aimanov)

Where is the Fine Art  Museum  of A. Kasteev?  ( inAlmaty)

The wellknown composer in 19 th century (Kurmangazy)

The film “Nomad”  translated in Kazakh …

                 Tradition (  20score)

What  was Kazakh traditional  home ?    (kuiz yu)

When is  celebrated  Shildehana ?  (on baby’s birthday)

What  are Kazakh national women’s costums ?

Name the ingredients of Nauryz kosze?(milk, salt, raisn, wheat, water,kurt   ,meat)

30  score  Literature

The popular kazakh novel and its author (Abai zholy)

           Name the   famous modern kazakh poets ( M. Zhahanov, F. Ongarcynova)

By whom was written   a dram  Hamlet ? (W Shakespair)

Name the poem  which translated in three language and the authors ?

What was the the official name of  Abai ?

  40   score History

When, where was the Zheltoksan  story ?   Name victims of this story

What action was organized  against Semey polygon ? Who was  the leader                                                                                              of this action? When was it closed? ( 1991 .Nevada –Semey , O.Suleimenov)

When was adopted the Kazakhstan – 2030  Strategy ? How many parts does it consist of ?  ( 1997,7parts)

When is celebrated the Independence Day?

 50 scores    Sport. World

(After this round  one of the  players goes out of  the game )

  1. Who is quickly

Making up more new words  from the given words

Independent  — in, depend, pen, ten, end, nine, deep ,pet, die, dead, net need ,tent….

Friendship— friend, end, fried, free, ship hip, pine, red, fish, dish, she, rife ,nine, he, pen, ….

          VI      Lexical

English                                           Kazakh







         VII   Speaker

This  is the last round.   Two participants  have to speak  need show  their speech.   The theme is  My  Motherland. We give them  two minute time. One of them  must be a Leader of  the game.

                                          The Result of game

According the result of jury the pupil of 11th form ….. was the Leader of brain game. Children  I am pleased with you , all participants were very active. You have shown your knowledge at English, you have shown how you know about history of your country  Kazakhstan. Thank you very much for your  active participation.   Our game is over.