The theme: Sport and games

School: №36


The teacher: Serjan Altingul

The theme: Sport and games


The aims of the lesson:

                 Educational: to encourage pupils to express their opinions freely, to enrich

pupils vocabulary.

Білімділік:  Оқушылардың өз ойын еркін жеткізуге қалыптастыру сөздік

қорларын молайту)

                 Developing: to develop memory, logical thinking and developing creative work

with new technologies.

Дамытушылық: Есте сақтау қабілетін, логикалық ойлауын, жаңа

технологиямен жұмыс істеу қабілетін дамыту)

            Bringing-up: to make an interest to the subject, to teach to work creatively in


Тәрбиелік:Пәнге деген қызығушылықты арттыру, топта шығармашылықпен

жұмыс істеуге тәрбиелеу.


The type of the lesson:  computer-based, integrative

Methods of teaching: explanation, demonstration, presentation

The equipment of the lesson: A) Visual aids: diagrams on the tasks, pictures posters

  1. B) Technical means: interactive board, flipchart, projector.


                             The plan of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment
  2. The golden rules
  • Brainstorming

ІҮ. Checking the home task

Ү. Presentation. New theme ”Sport and games”

ҮІ. Activities. Work in groups

ҮІІ. Vocabulary

ҮІІІ. Work with book.

ІХ. Conclusion. Check yourself

Х. Home- work

  1. Evolution


The procedure of the lesson.


  1. Organization moment.

T: Good morning, boys and girls!

P: Good morning , teacher!

T: How are you?

P: We are fine, thank you! And you?

T: I am OK. Thank you!  Sit down, please!

Checking up absentees.

  1. Teacher: At the beginning of the lesson I want to ask your attention to these rules, you should follow them.


  1. The golden rules:
  • Be active
  • Be attentive
  • Be emotional
  • Don’t interrupt each other
  • Don’t say “I don’t”

— First think then speak


III. Brainstorming

Match the words with the pictures.


People                                                     Equipments

Goal keeper                                            boxing gloves

Runner                                                    helmet

Spectators                                               tennis racket

Referee                                                   goal

Tennis player                                          net


  1. Checking home-task.

Ok. Pupils now let’s check your home task. What was your home task for today? Now let’s check it!

  1. Task 1,2
  2. Test



Ү. Presentation. New theme ”Sport and games”



So, boys and girls! What about our lesson? Yes, our lesson is about sport and games. Open your copy – books and write down today’s day and date. The theme of our lesson is “Sport and games”

Pupils! Today we shall speak about British and Kazakh sports and games .


ҮІ. Activities. Work in groups


Task 1

Look at the pictures. What’s common about these games? (Kyz-kuu, audaryspak, kokpar)

Example: They all need skill.


Task 2

Retell about Kyz-kuu, Kokpar and audaryspak.


Task 3

Work in groups. Read and continue.

What I know about sports in Britain.

Sport is popular in Britain.

British jokes about sports.



Task 4

Read the text “Sport in Britain”


VII. Vocabulary

rugby — регби

cricket  — крикет

squash — доп ойыны

netball   — баскетбол

net — тор,ау

invention  — ойлап табу,ойлап шыѓару

racket — ракетка

rubber  — резењке

compulsory — міндеті

row — есу

rounder  — аѓылшын лаптасы


VIII. Work with book


-Read the last paragraph again and complete the chart.


-True or false?


— Complete the diagram.


— Look at the picture. Find four more mistakes.


-Can you guess what these sports are?


  1. Conclusion. Check yourself.


  1. Giving the home- task:
  2. To write a short composition about our popular national sports.

Also learn by heart the new words.


  1. Evaluation: All of you have worked very hard, very actively . Let’s count your scores.