The world around us

Theme: The world around us

Aims: to develop specific skills: speaking and writing, to learn more about the weather in different countries

Language focus: adjectives

Equipment: interactive board, slides, cards


  1. Mom.

Greeting. Today we’re going to speak about seasons and weather.


  1. Warm up.
  • Let’s remember adjectives which describe the weather.


  • Smashmag quiz.
  • Open your books at p.32, ex.1 (a). Write the seasons in the correct order. (pupils write the seasons). Look at the board and check your ideas. (slide 2)
  • 1 (b). Now put the months in the correct seasons. Look at the board again to check your answers. (slides 3-6)
  • 1 (c). Read short information about the weather in different parts of the world, try to guess which seasons these friends of Smashmag are talking about in their postcards. Let’s check your ideas. (England – Autumn; Greece – Summer; Poland – Winter; Spain – Spring)


  1. Grammar consolidation.
  • Look at the pictures in ex.2. Match the phrases with the pictures. (one pupil do this task at the board.  Slide 7) (1. d  a  3. b  4. f  5. c  6. g  7. e)
  • You know that many adjectives are formed by adding –y to the noun. So the next task for you is to complete the chart with the adjectives. (one pupil do this task at the board.  Slide 8)


  • Let’s have a rest and sing the song about seasons. (Slides 9-22)


  1. Writing (composition)
  • Now let’s work in groups of 3. Your task is to write about the weather in each season. Each group will write about one season. The first group should write about spring. The second group about summer. The third group should write about Autumn and the fourth group should write about winter.
  • Let’s check your composition. I want one person from each group to go to board and tell us your composition. At this time the other members of your groups should do the cards. (WS)


  • Additional task.
  • Open your WB at p.28 ex.1 Circle the correct answer. (1. T  F  3. T  4. F  5.T  6. F)
  • 2 Match the words to the correct seasons. (one pupil do this task at the board. Slide 44)
  • Now find 10 words in the square. It’s ex.3. (one pupil do this task at the board. Slide 45)
  • 4. Circle the correct answer. (one pupil do this task at the board. Slide 46)


Teacher puts marks and explains homework.


Write composition about the weather in Kazakhstan in each season.