Sport and Games

Sport and Games

7th form

C.Н. Биляшева

Пятимар жалпы орта білім беретін мектептің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

The objectives:

1) educational-to speak about the sports and games, to talk about the differences and similarities of Kazakh and British games and sports;

2) developing-to develop pupil’s listening, speaking, writing and reading activities;

3) upbringing-to love sports, to raise pupil’s interest in Kazakh national games, to teach healthy way of life.

Type of the lesson: combined

Visual aids: an interactive board, a textbook, pictures, cards, photos, poster.

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Introduction:
  2. a) Greeting.
  3. b) Talking with the pupil’s on duty.
  4. c) Talking about the weather with the class.
  5. Introduction of the lesson’s objectives.
  6. to revise the Present Simple Active
  7. to practice the pronunciation of new words

III.Checking of the home task.

Ex:10. Writing about an interesting trip in pupil’s life.

  1. Warming up.


  1. Match the words and pictures.

People:                                                       Equipment:


goal keeper                                                boxing gloves


runner                                                        helmet


spectators                                                   tennis racket


referee                                                        goal


tennis player                                               net



12      3   4



5                6    7

8  9  10


  1. Presentation.

New words:



Goat’s carcass-ешкінің денесі


Overtake-қуып жету


Gallop-атпен жылдам жүру

Lash-қамшымен ұру

Snatch-жұлып алу


Horseback-аттың үстінде


Kazakh National  Games

  1. Look at the pictures.Match them with the names of Kazakh national games.
  1. Audaryspak
  2. Kyz kuu
  3. Kokpar


1  2   3


  1. All the words below appear in the article about Kazakh national games. Which words do you think go with which game. Find the new words in the dictionary.


Nouns:skill goat whip carcass struggle adversary horseback kiss
Verbs:overtake require gallop lash snatch fight


  1. Work in three groups.

Group A . Read about Kyz kuu.

Group B. Read about Kokpar.

Group C. Read about Audaryspak.


Kyz kuu

(“Overtake the girl”)

Young boys and girls participate in this game. The girl on the horse does her best to gallop from the young man but as soon as the boy tries to overtake her she lashes him with whip. If the boy fails to overtake her, she lashes him with whip again. If he is a success he earns a kiss.


The game kokpar was usually played during festivals. Participants in the game followed one of the horse riders with a goat’s carcass in his hand. A winner had to have a quickhorse to catch the jigit (young man) with the goat’s carcass. He would try to snatch the carcass to finish first. He had to be a skillful and experienced horse-rider.


Audaryspak (“Wrestling on horse-back”) is a national sport which requires skills both in hand-to-hand fighting and riding. In fact two men fight while on horse-back. Wins the one that brings adversary down off his horse.


  1. Practice


Exercise 5.

Which words from exercise 3 are in your text?

Kyz kuu:




Exercise 6.

Find a partner from other groups and swap information.


Exercise 7.

Make a dialogue with each other in order to find out similarities and differences of these games.


Exercise 8

Here are some answers about all three games. Write in the questions on the white board.

Others write them in your copybooks.

  1. What___________________with?

She lashes him with a whip.

  1. What kind of _________________?

A winner had to have a quick horse.

  1. c) What_________________________?

It requires skills both in hand-to-hand fighting and riding.

  1. d) What________________________?

A kiss.

  1. e) Who_________________________?

The one that brings his adversary down off his horse.

  1. f) What would ____________________?

He would snatch the carcass.






Complete the diagram and compare with other students.






Talk to your partner. Speak about sport in Kazakhstan and about sport you play and you like.


Example: I like playing football.



VII. Evaluation.


  1. Home task.

Exercise 18, at page 157: to write a description of your favourite sport or game. Read it to the class.