The theme of the lesson: My favourite sport

The theme of the lesson: My favourite sport

  1. The aims of the lesson:
  • Talking about different kinds of sports in the world and Kazakhstan;
  • Developing reading, writing, speaking, listening skills;
  • Bringing up love and interest to the subject and sport.
  1. The visual aids: an interactive board, a blackboard.



The Procedure of the Lesson

  1. Organization moment:

T: Good morning, students!

S: Good morning, teacher!

T: How are you?

S: Fine, thanks.

T: Who is on duty today?

S1: I am on duty today.

T: What day/date is it today?

S1: Today is the 29th of November.

T: Who is absent today?

  1. Checking up the homework:

T: What was your homework?

S: To look through about sport .

  1. Warming-up:

Phonetic drill:

Dear, dear boys and girls

What is better than the toys?

I think sports are good for all;

You can swim, play basketball,

Table tennis and football.

You can jump and you can run

And have a lot of fun.


Teacher: Let’s read the poem together.


  1. New lesson:


New words:
basketball -баскетбол
cycling –велосипед тебу
favourite – сүйікті
football – футбол
horse riding – атқа міну
ice-skating – коньки тебу
skateboarding – скейтборд тебу
skiing – шаңғы тебу
swimming – жүзу
tennis – теннис
table tennis – үстел теннисі
wrestling – күрес
volleyball – волейбол

boxing — бокс

hockey — хоккей

T: Let’s practice the pronunciation.










Ex 2 Guess what sport it is.


  1. This is an outdoor sport for two teams of eleven players. You need a ball, two goals and referee.
  2. This is an indoor game for two players. You need a special table, a racket for each player and a small, white ball made of plastic.
  3. This is an indoor sport for two teams. You need an orange ball and referee.
  4. This is winter sport. You need gloves, special glasses and a ski.
  5. This is a water based sport. You need a swimming pool.


Ex 3 Complete the diagram



Ex 3 Make a dialogue.


Talk to your partner. Speak about sport in Kazakhstan and about sport you play and you like.



P1: What is your favourite sport?


P2: I like playing football.


Ex 4 Project work. Divide into two groups. Take one sport and describe it.


Ex 5 Divide these sports into two groups.


Boxing, basketball, skiing, tennis, table tennis, football, horse riding, skateboarding, hockey, wrestling.


Outdoor sportsIndoor sports
TennisTable tennis


  1. Homework:

Teacher: Write a summary about your favourite sport.


  1. Evaluation.

“5” –

“4” –

“3” –


  1. Ending:

T: Goodbye!

S: Goodbye!