I can hear a …. / Way Ahead – 1/

The theme of the lesson: Unit 18. Lesson 4. I can hear a …. / Way Ahead – 1/

The aims of the lesson

Educational: revision of words: walk, hop, swim, fly; lion, elephant, giraffe, snake, hippo, monkey, parrot. Revision grammar: modal verb — can. Structure I can hear a … We can…/ Are you (+plural noun).

Cultural: bring up pupils to be attentive to write neatly and correctly. To foster their love for animals.                                                                                                        Developing: develop pupils’ listening, speaking and writing habits; develop interests for the language, singing a song, playing games.

The type of the lesson: mixed

Visual aids: an active board, CD, slide

Methods: question-answer, individual work, listening, game.   

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment
  2. – Good morning, children!
  • Good morning, good morning,

Good morning to you.

Good morning, dear teacher,

We are glad to see you!

  • I’m glad to see you, too. Thank you, sit down.
  1. – Who is on duty today?
  • I’m on duty today.
  • Who is absent?
  • All are present.
  • Thank you, sit down, please.
  1. – What date is it today?
  • Today is the 26th of April.
  • And what day is it today?
  • Today is Friday.
  1. Checking up the homework
  • What was your homework for today?
  • Exercises: 1, 2 in Workbook and exercise 1, to learn by heart.
  • Open your workbooks; I’ll check your homework.
  • Are you learnt the poem? Who wants begin?
  • Yes, please…
  • Phonetic-drill exercises

I can read, I can write,

I can speak English, too

I love learning English

And what about you?

Listen and repeat after me.

  1. Listening

Exercise 1. Listen the voice of animals. Try to find what animal is it?

e.g. I can hear a lion

I can hear an elephant, etc.

Exercise 2.

Let’s play a little game “Who am I?”

  • Can you fly?
  • No, I can’t.
  • Can you walk?
  • Yes, I can.
  • Are you an elephant?
  • Yes, I am.
  1. Writing

Exercise 2. Look at the pictures and write what can animals do?

  1. Break time
  • Now, my pupils if you are tired, let’s do our break time.
  • Working with CD
  • Reading “What can animals do?”

Saying about animals: a giraffe, a lion, a hippo, a monkey, a cat. Then translate.

  1. Consolidation

Animals can…

  • What can monkeys do?
  • They can climb trees.


  • What can birds do?
  • Birds can fly.


  • What can kangaroos do?
  • Kangaroos can jump.
  1. Giving the home work
  • Now, children write down your homework.
  • Exercises: 1, 2 in Workbook, p.106-107 and read the short texts.
  1. Giving marks

You are very active today. Your marks are ….

  • The end of the lesson

     The lesson is over. Good bye, children!