Present Continuous Tense.


The  theme:   Present  Continuous  Tense.

The  aim:  1) to  introduce   pupils  with  grammar  theme  Present  Continuous  Tense

2) to  develop  communicative  skills  and  abilities  using  various  kinds  of

activities  and  grammar  material

3)  to   develop  skills  in  oral  speech

The  type  of  the  lesson:   presentation  of  the  new  theme.

Visual  aids:  an  interactive  board,  pictures, cards, a textbook.

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment

Greeting  pupils.   Talk  with the  pupil on  duty.

Presentation  of the theme of the lesson.

  1. Slide 1. Phonetic drill

Spring  is  coming.

Spring  is  coming .

Flowers  are  coming too.

Snowdrops, lilies, daffodillies,

Now  are  growing  too.

  • Checking up the  home task.
  1. Slide Presentation of the grammar  theme.

Today  we’ll take the grammar theme  “Present  Continuous  Tense”. Present Continuous   Tense   is  used  for  actions  in  progress  at  the  time  of  speaking.

to  be  +  V ing


Positive  form
Singular   formPlural  form


Negative  form
Singular   formPlural  form


Interrogative    form
Singular   formPlural  form
AreYoureading  ?Areyoureading  ?


  1. Slide 3. Level tasks.

I st  level: Translate sentences.

1.She  is  cooking  supper  now.

2.He  is  playing  football.

  1. My friends are  going  to school.

II nd level: Describe  pictures  using  Present  Continuous Tense .




III rd  level: Make up a  short  story  about  Nick  and  Ann’ s  days  using  Present  Continuous  tense.


IVth  level: Open the  brackets  and  put  verbs  into  Present  Continuous  tense.

1.I(look) for  my  key. I  can’t  open the  door.

2.Listen! Somebody (sing) a  lovely  song.

3.Let’s  go  for  a  walk. It  (not/rain)now.

  1. She (come) from London.

5.At  the  moment  we (fly)  over  the  desert.

  1. I(take) dancing lessons this winter.

Keys:   am  looking,  is  singing,  is not raining,  is  coming,  are  flying,  am taking.

  1. Work with cards.

VII. Giving  the  home task.

Make up five  sentences  using  Present  Continuous  tense.

VIII. Evaluation.

  1. Conclusion.

The  lesson is  over. Good  bye!