The theme of lesson: On the road. Present and past passives

The theme of  lesson: On the road. Present and past passives

The aims of lesson: Presentation new grammar materials. To introduce the new words and  expressions of the theme.

The aids of lesson: cards, interactive board, note — book, markers, stickers.

Type  of  the  lesson: demonstrative lesson.

Method  of  the  lesson: group  work, pair work, question- answer, explaining;

Expected results:  Pupils can talk about different forms of transport, say when and where motorbike are done. And they will know about passives and how they  using in speech.

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Organization moment


I’ll check the register.

Any absences?


— Good morning !

— everybody raise their hands and say «Here»/ «Present».


Beginning the lesson

(Тұсау кесер)

Visual facts:

Giving pictures. Put given pictures on the order of the year

1.100-50 years ago

2.50-25 years ago

3. the last 25 years










Task 2

Match the words with the pictures:

(You`ve got two minutes)




a helmet                  Speed limit

a lorry                       a petrol station

a motorbike            a traffic lights

roundabout                a wheel

a scooter





























Theoritcal part

    (Негізгі бөлім)

Explaining new material:

Passive voice (ырықсыз етіс)








Read the some more about Harley-Davidson










Answer the questions.

1. What means the word Harley-Davidson?

2.Where was designed first motorbike?

3.When was formed the company Harley Davidson?

4.Where was born Harley and Davidson?


Time of relax:






Let`s practice:

Complete the sentences with these words:

    If action is taken by someone or something and the action takes place in the present time, we use the passive voice.

to be+(V3)

Present form: am, is, are+ (V3)

It is sold

Past form: Was, were + (V3)

They were accused

    Бұл сатылған.










Drawing number 5



grown   made   used   played  spent  found











Messages student`s book

























Messages student`s book



Copy -book

Conclusion part.

(Қорытынды бөлім)

Task 4

Making sentences

Each right answer -1 score






List for assessment and reflection:








Home work:

Giving marks:

Writing the reflection.










Exercise:2b)p.38.Making an anagram.









Poster and markers














Diary of pupils