The theme : Descriptions

The theme : Descriptions

The aims :

edicational : 1. to teach students to be compare things and to find the differences between
2. to teach students the form asking questions to the adjectives in writing and in
developing : 1. to develop students speaking auding, reading and writing, habits and skills
2. to develop their pronunciation according to speaking and reading, and on
phonetic exercises
up-bringing : 1. to bring the students to love their country
2. to respect each other
3. to work in groups
4. to get along with each other

The type of the lessons :  Consolidation of the theme
The kind of the lessons :  Competition.
Visual aids :                      tape – recorder, cards, pictures
The result of the lessons : Consolidation of adjectives and comparison of  adjectives(the right usage of adjectives in students speech)
Visual aids :    1. a table of adjectives
2. a plan of the lesson
3. tape – recorder (text on papers)
4. cards, pictures, a blackbard, a chalk
The outline of the lesson

   Line                   Content of the lesson  Time
Phonetic drill
Consolidation of the lesson (competition)
1 stage : presentation
2 stage : blitz (conclusion)
3 stage : grammar (adjectives, comp. of  adj.)
a) work with cards
b) work on the blackboard
c) brein rink game
4. auding
5. speaking and reading (conclusion)
6. If problems (for break)
7. Conclusion (giving marks, hometask)
1 min
3 min

3 min
5 min
15 min
5 min
5 min
5 min
8 min
3 min


The way of the lesson :
I.                      Good morning, students.
Glad top see you at our lesson
Who is on duty today ?
Is there any absenties today ?
If there is, what is wrong with her/him ?
Is he/she ill?  Now, all right then.
II.                    As usual we’ll begin our lesson with phonetic drill.
Now, look at this cards and name this sounds :
[ju:] [ei] [e] [ai] [au] [u:] [a:]

We’ll read these words:
Beautiful-more beautiful-most beautiful
Ugly-uglier-the ugliest
Big-bigger-the biggest

Now let’s give the comparatives and superlatives of these adjectives. Now let’s begin our lesson. The theme if our today’s lesson is Descriptions. As you know, we are continuing these theme and we/ve also taken adjectives, and today we consolidate these theme. Now, as you see you’re divided into two teams. We’ve a competition at our lesson.
The first contest is
1) Presentation of two teams
2) The second contest is called Blitz
Your home task was to read the text “The richest man of the world” . Here the task is ask questions to each other. Here you must speak quickly and correctly. If you repeat the question you don’t get the score.
Some questions :
1. Where is Brunie situated ?
2. What is the name of richest man of the world ?
3. How old is he ?
4. How many people live in Brunie ?
5. What is his appearance ? (What is he like?)
6. How does he learn his money ?
7. Why did he married again ?
8. What are his wives like ?
9. In what way does the country became rich ?
10. He is the richest man, but do you think that sultan is very happy ?
Yes, then prove.
No, then prove.
Conclusion : Now, we see that you understand the text “The richest man of the world” and he lives in Brunie which is situated on the north coast of  Borneo.
III.   Contest :
How is your grammar ?
What do you know about adjectives ?
How many comparisons has the adjectives ?
Adjective always used before noun.
A black cat
Nice jeans
If we’ve two or more adjectives together, opinion adjectives (interesting, beautiful) go before fact adjectives (new, blue)
For example : an interesting new film.
The word order of adjectives.
As you know adj-s may be regular and irregular (irregular adj-s has form which changes from their foot). For example : bad, good
a) firs task will be. You must use comparatives of  these adjectives. Each group must prepare 3 sentences.
b) Here, you see four men.
Group 1. will ask question about Robert and Peter
Group 2. will ask question about John and Sam
c) Look at this card.
Here 3 people.
A means 5, B-4, C-3
The best  is better   is good
d) Look at this cards. Use the superlatives of these adjectives.
Rolls-Royse is the largest car
e) Here is Brain Rink game.
1. Which is the largest city in Kazakhstan ?  (Almaty)
2. Which is the highest mountain in the world ?  (Everest)
3. Which is the largest country in the world ?   (Russia)
4. Which is the longest river in the world ?   (Nile)
5. Which is the coldest place in the world ?
6. Wich is the hottest place in the world ?
In conclusion we can say that you know adjectives. Adjectives has two comparison : comparative and superlative.
If the adjective has one syllable we add — er, -est.
If it has two or more syllables we take many, the most and irregular adj-s are : good, bad, many, much, far little this adj-s change their root.
Now, the next task will be auding of the text.
1. Listen to the text attentively and fill in the gaps.
2. Read the text.
3. Speak about it.
Now, open your books p. 46
Are these statements true or false ?
1. False. They start work later than in London.
Kate starts at 10 o’clock.
2. True. About 7 or 8.
3. True. They close for about 3 hours until 5 o’clock.
4. False. Only in summer; because it’s very hot and work hours change. Everyone works from 8.30 to 3.00
5. False. They eat all day.
6. False. They’ve their main meal at lunchtime.
7. False. Madrid is smaller.
8. False. There are problems because there are a lot of accidents.
9. True. It’s also chap, but people like to use their car.
Be very brave and answer the questions.
In daytime.
Start work about ten, in summer earlier.
1. When do they start to work ? (work about in summer)
2. Do they start to work ?
Eat-all day
Shacks (легкая закуска) in the morning
Omelets and bear
Main meal at lunchtime
Taraz-in the evening
3. Where do the most people live ?  (in the centre of the city)
Now, let’s compare life in Madrid with our native town. You may draw such a view diagram. For example :

            In Madrid
Start later
lunch 2-5
Bed at 1-2
Eat all day, in flats, open
until late, very hot.



                In Taraz
Start earlier
Lunch 1-2
Bed at 11-12
4 times in a day, in the
houses, open 6-7, not very
hot, not very cold

In conclusion we compare our town with Madrid. Though Taraz is smaller than Madrid. Now your home task will be to write a composition about you’re your town Taraz. Using ex 2 P. 35 on work book. Now, we play if problems
1. If two cat’s are before a cat, and two cat’s are behing a cat. And a cat is in the middle, how many cat’s are are there in all ?
2. Now, let’s count your scores. Who is winner ? Let’s give your marks.
You all work brilliantly