The world of adjectives

The world of adjectives


  1. Practical:       to learn new words, to do exercises, to play games                         
  2. Developing:   to develop students’ logical thinking,

imaginative ability, reading, writing,

speaking, listening skills

  1. Educative:     to teach students to be responsible,

industrious, to love their mother tongue

and respect foreign ones.

Type:                                               standard

Visual aids:                                     electronic book, slides, books, cards, posters,


Methods:                                       answer-question, games, grouping.                                 Procedure

  1. Organization moment.

Now, students I want you to divide into two groups. Come up here and choose any geometrical figure, those who have stars sit together and those who have triangles make another group.

  1. Warm up.

Now, students, let’s sing ABC song together (helps to create an English-speaking atmosphere)

  1. Rules

Let’s revise Grammar

  • How many degrees of Adjectives do you know?
  • Can you name them? How are they formed?
  • Can you give any examples?
  1. Work with e-book
  2. Writing out dictation

Students, I’m going to read a small text. And you are to write out adjectives, and that group which has more correct adjectives. Gets a score.


   Jack is a student. He lives in London. He is very clever and hard-working. He is tall  and handsome. Jack lives in a small cottage. He has pets at home, a white cat and a grey rabbit. His younger sister also likes to take care of them.

  1. Drawing dictation

Your task is to read the text in the slide and draw a picture on it.

  1. Boaster

A  student from each group comes to the blackboard and each of them should say an adjective in the superlative degree, and the student who says more adjectives correctly, brings a score to his/her team

I am the most…

  1. Lost letters

Now, students, you should find adjectives from this puzzle.


  1. Describing



  1. Conclusion
  2. A) defining the winner

B)Giving h/t