Theme : Domestic animals (What colour is your cat?)

Theme :     Domestic animals (What colour is your cat?)


  • Educational: To enrich pupils knowledge, to develop pupils abilities in speaking; to enrich their vocabulary.

Presentation of the questions: «What colour is……?» «What colour are……?»


  • Developing: to develop pupils’ skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking speech;


  • Bringing — up: to develop the interest to English language, to teach pupils to respect each other  and the culture of another  nations to bring up them to love English language.

The type of the lesson:        new lesson

The method of the lesson:  individual work, group work, pair work and  answer the questions.

Visual aids:                          presentation, cards, video,textbook,

Literature:                        textbook by T.  Ayapova, D. Ukbaev.

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Org. moment


-Good afternoon, children

-How are you?

-Now, boys and girls, we have guests in our lesson, as you see. Let`s begin our lesson.

Checking up the attendance

  1. Brainstorming

Listen to me! I want to ask some questions and answer my questions, please.

What is your nationality?

Where does Yuri Gagarin come from?

Where was Talgat Musabaev born?

What wild animals do you know?

What domestic animals do you know?

Have you got a pet? What is it?

III. Checking the homework:

Now let`s check up our home task.

  1. Presentation

Today we`ll speak with you about domestic animals and colours. Listen to my questions, try to understand all my questions and to answer them!

Have you got a dog?

What colour is your dog?

What is your dog`s name?




What is your favourite pet?

Let`s remember some new words

New words

Pet                              [pet]               үй жануары

Horse                         [hɔ: s]             жылқы

Foal                            [fәul]              құлын

Cow                            [kau]              сиыр

Calf                            [ka:f]              бұзау

Sheep                         [ʃi:p]               қой

Lamb                         [læm]              қозы

Hen                            [hen]               тауық

Goat                           [gout]             ешкі

Kid                             [kid]               лақ

Goose                         [gu:s]             қаз

Gosling                      [gɔzliŋ]          қаздың балапаны

Ducking                     [d˄kliŋ]        үйректің балапаны

Describe the picture

Look at the blackboard. You see a farmer. His name is Jack Macdonald). What can you say about him?

P: He is old. He is tall. He is strong. He is good. He is happy. He is thin.

He has a cat. He has a dog. He has a duck. etc.

Complete the diagram

Colour them! Choose the right color.

  1. Reading

Now, please, let’s read and act out the dialogue.

Ex. 2 p 68

Ex. 3 Listen and repeat.

  1. Writing

Ex. 4 p 69

Ex. 7 p 69

VII. Speaking    

Ex. 8 Talk to your friends about your pets.






Ex. 10 p 69 Answer the questions, then write.

What’s your name?                                       My name’s __________.
How old are you?                                          ___________________
Which class are you in?                                ___________________
What colour is your hair?                             ___________________
What colour are your eyes?                          ___________________

Are you tired?

Stand up, please. Let`s have a rest. Let`s do exercise.

Hands up!

Hands down!

Hands on hips

and sit down!

Hands up!

Hands to the sides!

Bend left!

Bend right!

Hands up!

Hands down!

Thank you and sit down!

VIII. Conclusion

Solve this animal crossword puzzle



Agree or disagree:


You like to sing songs

Now let`s sing a song

What Color is the Sky? children’s song

  1. Home work.

Ex: 13 p. 70 r

We have finished our lesson. We have spoken about colours. You all were very active today. Thank you for your hard work. Your marks for today’s lesson are ………….. The lesson is over. Good bye