My body



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My body


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Forming of communicative skills in situations on the theme “My body”, learning the use the verb “to be”, constructions “This is/These are”,  activation of the previous materials, studying new words-head, shoulder, hand, leg, knee, toe, right, left

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English 2 grade. Рахимжанова С.Д.

Cambridge English for schools

British Council




Interactive board, pictures, CD, handouts

Күтілетін нәтиже


Pupils will understand small texts, know and use active lexics of the lesson: a head, shoulder, hand, leg, right, left;  speak with the intonation, to know how to read letter-combination “ou”, “kn”, “ght” in words, use the verb “to be”
Кезеңдері  Уақыт  

Мұғалімнің іс-әрекеті



Оқушының іс-әрекеті







Мотивациялық кезең10 мин-Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you! How are you?

Checking of the home task


-Good morning, teacher? We are fine and you? 




The teacher gives red stickers to those pupils who didn’t make any mistakes, green stickers -1 or 2mistake, yellow sticker-more mistakes
Қолдану, іс-әрекет кезеңі15 минLet’s listen to the text .

Let’s repeat:

Let’s do physical exercise. Please stand up and make a circle:

“Simon says”:

Show me your head

Show me your right leg, etc.


Children repeat after the teacher in chorus:

This is a toe-these are toes

This is a head-these are heads

This is a knee-these are knees


Finish the sentences. Use the verbs from the box.


Write and match

“Good !”





Рефлексивтік кезең15 минLet’s do exercise 2-put the pronouns into the correct form

You’ve worked hard today. You can paint smiles to show that you understand the lesson

P1:These are his knees

P2: These are her shoulders

P3: These are his toes

P4: This is her head

P5: This is her hand

P6: This is his leg

Exercise 3

Picture1 –Don’t sit here

Picture 2- Don’t play here

Picture 3- Don’t throw rubbish

Picture4 –Don’t eat here

Үй тапсырмасы5 минYour hometasks are Exercises 3, 5



Сабақтан кейін рефлексия


Не іске асты? Ненің көмегімен?


Не іске аспады? Не себептен?


Кедергілерді жою үшін не қолдану керек?