Theme: Music keeps me happy

Theme: Music keeps me happy

Form: 9

The aims:

Educational aim:   To enrich pupil’s knowledge concerning the theme

Developing aim:    To develop pupils abilities in speech.

Up-bringing aim:  To bring up the feeling of love to music.


Teaching methods: Question-answer, listening, demonstration, guess the crossword.

The visual aids: computers, screen, presentation.


The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

-Good morning dear students!

-Good morning teacher!

-How are you?

-We are well; we wish the same to you!

Report of the pupil on the duty.


  1. Checking up the homework.

-Your home task was Ex.12 p.50  Past Perfect  Passive.                                                                                                                      

— Project work. At home you had to prepare some information about your favourite singer, didn`t you? Now let`s listen to you. Who wants to begin?

III. Warming up:    1.Five Minute Tests   Electronic book

Musical questions:

-My dears do you like to listen to the music?

-What is your favourite music? /romantic, ballad, disco music, classical , opera/ etc.

-Do you like listening  to music and singing?

—       What kind of music do  you like listen to when you are in a good mood /in a bad mood/

-What kind of music do you dislike?

  1. Presentation:

-After all this, have you found the name of our new theme?

-Today we will speak about music and the title of our new theme is

Music keeps me happy!


Music — the only global language, it should not be translated, it says the soul with the soul.

Berthold Auerbach

“If music be the food of love, play on”    William Shakespeare

“Music is the universal language of the world” H.Longfellow.

-I see you are fond of music. In addition, I want to listen what teenagers say about music.

 Reading:  Ex.3 p.51.52



New words:even – тіпті

Walkman- наушники

Turn on- қосу

Loud – қатты

Understand- түсіну

Worry – қорқу, қобалжу


Ex 6 p52. Write sentences that show different opinions about music.


Teenagers say:It`s cool to listen to music all the time. Pop music keeps them happy! They buy an album or cassette once a week. They love music.


Their parents say: We are worried about their health.  They never read, only listen to music. They have not friends.They do not do anything else.


V.Today we aren`t going to speak about music in general, we will speak about a certain song, the title of which is written on the blackboard.

Scottish folksong  “My Bonnie”

One of the most famous Scottish songs, known all over the world is a song about Prince Charles Edward Steward. He was known as Bonnie Prince Charlie  because he was young and good-looking. “Bonnie” means good-looking. He was also Scotland`s hero who fought against the English in the 18 th century trying to make Scotland independent, but Charlie`s army was defeated.


  —And now I`ll give  you cards with the popular song “My Bonnie” And you see that there are some gaps in this song. Now you must listen to this song very attentively and try to fill those gaps.


Try to find the hidden word in lines.


NCNVXNBMSONGRWRY — / a piece of music with words.

SGFSINGERKBBNM — / someone who sings: pop, opera, folk songs/

FDFSFAVOURITEHTR — / describes something or someone you like more than others/

FDURFAMOUSLKJP — /known about by many people and many places/

POPULARNCNBMV — /liked by a  lot of people, enjoyed by many people/

Topic: .Listen about museums in Almaty



VI.Home task: to read the text and to make sinquain.

Ex.7 a,c p 54


VII.. Marks