The theme of the lesson: Real conditional

The theme of the lesson:  Real conditional

The aims of the lesson: 

Educational:  to explain the new grammar “Real Conditional”, to give clear explanation to example situation, to be able to speak about their plans.

Developing: to develop the pupils speaking skills, writing and listening skills by working with texts, analyzing and doing exercises,

Up-bringing: to bring them up to be friendly, hardworking, polite and patient


Equipments: project board, English grammar book with examples by “ Ayapova ”. 



The procedure of the lesson:


  1. Organization moment:

The bell has already gone. Let’s start our lesson!

   — Good morning boys and girls!

Please take the cards, in each card there’s numbers, and you must answer the questions according to your numbers.


  1. How are you?
  2. What’s your hobby?
  3. What’s the date and day today?
  4. Who is absent today?
  5. How old are you?
  6. What’s your favourite subject?
  7. Have you the best friend? What’s his/her name?
  8. What’s the weather like today?
  9. What was your home work?
  10. Have you got brother or sister?
  11. Who is your favourite teacher?


  1. Checking-up the home work:


III. The Presentation of the new theme:

Now open your exercise books and write down the date today?Today’s our new theme is “Real Conditional or The First Conditional ”. Real Conditional expresses a possible situation and its result. It forms of two tenses and the word “if”.

If Present Simple + Future Simple

If V, Vs + shall/will V

f/e: If we work hard in this lesson, we shall get good marks.

 If it is cold, we shall not go to school.

  • Task 1. put the verbs in the brackets in the correct form, Present Simple or Future Simple

1.If you (to be) busy, I (to leave) you alone.

2.I (to be) very glad, if my friend (to come) to see me.

3.If mother (to make) a cake, we (to have) a very nice tea.

4.We (to watch) TV together, if my father (to return) early.

5.If you (not to work) systematically, you (to fail) the exam.

6.I (to go) to the concert, if I (to get) a ticket.




  • If you are busy, I shall leave you alone.
  • I shall be very glad, if my friend comes to see me.
  • If mother makes a cake, we shall have a very nice tea.
  • We shall watch TV together, if my father returns
  • If you do not work systematically, you will fail the exam.
  • I shall go to the concert, if I get a ticket.



  • Task 2. Match the two halves of these sentences.




If I

come home late,

live in the south,

go to the wood,

find my book,

lose my money,

see my friend,

receive the letter,

fall ill,





I shall

gather many mushrooms.

be very glad.

go to the doctor.

be very glad.

go to bed at once.

bathe every day.

be very glad.

ask his advice.



















  • Task 3. Work with the pictures. The next task is to make up sentences using the 1st conditional to the pictures. You may choose any picture you like.


  1. If we go in for sport, our health will be strong.
  2. If we have free time, we shall play volleyball.
  3. if our school has swimming pool, we shall swim.
  4. If it is winter, I shall ski.
  5. If I have skates, I shall skate.
  6. If we protect the environment, we shall live longer.
  7. If people of different nationalities are friendly, our Republic will prosper.


  1. Evolution.

Today you worked very well. I’m satisfied with your activity.

  • Home work.

Our lesson is over! Good bye!