Sport in Kazakhstan

Theme of the lesson: Sport in Kazakhstan


The aims:


  1. a) Training reading and speaking drills doing different tasks.
  2. b) Talking and asking about the sport in Kazakhstan
  3. c) To develop the knowledge of pupils reading and speaking


The visual aids: Pictures, books, sportsmen’s photos

Educational aim: To interesting pupils in sport and to   take up good habits


The course of the lesson:


I.Org moment:   -Good afternoon pupils!

                            -Who is on duty today?

                             -Who is absent today?

                             -What day is it today?

                             -What’s the weather like today?

                             -What season is it now?


  1. Checking up the homework: Now pupils tell me please what was your homework? Ex 10 p96

-At last lessons we talked about and we have read the text about the sport in Kazakhstan. Your homework was to read the text and answer the questions. Now please the first questions: What sports are popular in Kazakhstan?

-The popular sports in Kazakhstan are: football, tennis, hockey, judo, basketball, volleyball, boxing, figure skating and horse racing.




III. New lesson

T: Today pupils we’ll task about the sport in Kazakhstan. You know that Kazakhstan is a sporting country. Please look at the blackboard there is a text about sport. Let’s read and translate it.

  1)Reading and translating

T: O’K now we’ll do different exercises and tasks.

  2) Ex 14. Complete the sentences with the words below.

  1. Kazakhstan is a———— country. 2. ——— and sports have become a matter of national importance. 3. In our country we begin to——— our children to love sport since early childhood. 4. At school and colleges sport is a ———subject.
  2. Our sportsmen have ———-facilities at their disposal. 6.Everybody can take part in ———. 7. Many people ——— summer sports. 8. There are many———games. 9. The ——- sports event of international character is Olympic Games. 10. The best sportsmen of each nation————there with one another in all kinds of sports.


1 sporting  6 competition   
2 PT7 are fond of
3 teach8 different
4 compulsory9 modern
5excellent10 compete


  3)Now there’re some words. Please make up phrases.


1.   Sports

2.   National

3.   Compulsory

4.   Swimming

5.   Olympic

6.   Kinds of

7.   Ice

8.   Figure

a.   importance

b.   pool

c.    games

d.   sport

e.    fan

f.      hockey

g.   skating

h.   subject

  1. The next ex 10. Find eight sports in the crossword.


Football, tennis, hockey, basketball


You know that this year we have the 7-th Asia Olympic Games

And our sportsmen have won 70 medals. They all are heroes and there is some information about them. Please look at the blackboard and read it.

Today a medal set has been contested during 1500 meters distance and Denis Kusin, Kazakhstan, won the gold.

Skier Alexey Poltoranin has won the mass start race for 30 km

And won another gold medal for Kazakhstan.

There is a table of prize places. Our country is the first  among the other countries.


  1. Conclusion: Now pupils look at this exercises and say if the sentences true or false.
  2. Millions of people are fond of sports.
  3. PT lessons are not a matter of national importance.
  4. We begin to teach PT lessons at school.
  5. Sports is an optional subject.
  6. There many winter sports such as: Swimming, skiing, ski-jumping ,skating, volley-ball.
  7. Our sportsmen have excellent sports facilities at their disposal.


  1. Homework: Today we’ve talked about the sport in Kazakhstan and your homework is to write some information about your favorite sport and sportsmen.


Our lesson is over,


Good bye!