Merry Christmas!!!

Қарағанды облысы Ұлытау ауданы «№11 Қоскөл орта мектебі»КММ

Ағылшын пәнінің мұғалімі : Серік Индира Серікқызы 

Clown:  Seric Mahabbat 6 class

Winter: Beketova Akzharkyn    11 class

Snow girls: Nurlybek Gulaina     11 class

The month:  Symbat, Aktoty, Aruzhan  6 class

Pupil: 5 classes

Santa Clouse: Umirzak Arai

Girl dancing:  9 klass


Merry Christmas!!!

Clown:  good morning dear friend and teacher! How are you! I am fine. Oh winter you a sleeping? Oh my friend winter stand up. The holyday Merry Charismas!

Winter: good morning girls and boys! I am glad to see you!

I am winter

I am white and beautiful

I come with cold and snow

But you like me. I know.

I hope you are fine today! Are you ready to start our party? Today we shall have a talk about winter. Christmas and New Year! But do you hear? Who is it, I wonder? I think, it is our guest!

Pupils:  snow girls

Snow girls: Hello my dear friend! Girls and boys, teacher and gust!

Pupils:  Hello snow girls

Snow girls: Very good. I come my friend December January February

Winter:  December this is season

When mornings are dark

And the birds do not sing

I the woods and park

Symbat: I am December the first winter month. December comes with white snow and cold, winds begin to blow.

Winter:   January this is the season

When children ski

And grandfather frost

Brings the New Year’s trees

Aktoty: I am January I am the second month of the winter and the first month of the year. The weather is cold. There is snow an the ground. Boys and girls like to skate and ski!

Winter:        February in winter time we go

Walking filed of snow

Where there is no grass at all.

Where the top of every wall

Every fence and every tree.

Is as white can be

Aruzhan:  I am February . I am the third  winter month. It is cold and windy.

Winter:  The snow girls say question, people you answers

Snow girls:  My uncle is from GB!  He is father Christmas! I love him very much! How are youtoday?

People: We are fine!

Winter: now, let’s listen to the sound letter and solve  the riddle.“The video letter”:- hi children! I like Christmas. I like my little friend elves. I ride in sleigh with the reindeer. They are many toys in my sack for you. I lost my way. But I will arrive to you soon!

Snow girls: do you like to play? Finished my poems

Білемізбе біз ағылшын тілінде аяз ата қалай болады?  (Santa clause)

Қара біздің талға, ол біздің  (Christmas tree)

Барлығы қуанады алуға (a greeting card)

Қане тез жиналыңдар біздің (Charismas day)



Santa clause is on his way

He is coming on his sleigh

Jingle bells are ringing

Santa clause is singing

Children let’s call Santa Clause to us!

One two three Santa Clouse come to me!


Santa Claus:  good morning my dear friend! I am very glad to se you! I wish you

New things to learn

New friend to meet

New song to see

New joys to greet

New things to see

New things to hear,

New sings to do

Is this glad New Year


Winter: girls going dancing

Dance: dingle bells

Winter: Father Christmas, children want to read some poems for you. Do you like poems?

Santa: yes, I do.i like to listen poems with great pleasure!




Winter: oh girls thank you!

“Decorating Christmas tree”

Who brings present to children in Russian? (Father Frost)

Where does father frost live? (Validity ustyug)

Where does Santa Clause live? (Lapland)

What colour is the coat of Santa Claus? (Red)

Who help Santa clause?  (Elves)

Snow girls: my grandfather please dancing

Santa clause: ok

Snow girls: Good bye! My dear people and teacher, gust. I love you

Santa clause: Good bye! My dear people and teacher, gust. I love you. Thank you your concert. It is very good.

Winter: our party is over. I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The song:  We wish you a Merry Christmas!


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