Theme: Omar`s album

Grade: 7

Theme: Omar`s album

Objectives: 1. To enrich pupils knowledge, to develop pupils abilities in speech

To enrich their vocabulary

  1.    To develop their reading, writing, listening  skills and grammar lexical habits

3.To bring up pupils to be attentive to write neatly and correctly.

To foster their love for animals.

Language materials: English-7; @mail

Teaching method:   Explanation answer-question, listening,  work in pairs and  work in   group

Evaluation: marking


Lesson phase

  1. 1Organization moment
  2. A) Greeting

B)Asking about the dates ,absentees, etc

  2 . Checking up the home assignment.

What was you  home task for today?

  1. Warming up



What is a Whale?


A whale is not as small as us.

Most whales are bigger than a bus!

A whale is not like a fish in the sea.

A whale breathes air like you and me.

A whale can’t walk upon the ground.

A whale must swim to get around.

A whale is a mammal just like me.

But its home is in the deep blue sea.


4.New theme: “Omar`s album; Ocean world whales”

New words and expressions

Blood  — кровь, қан                                                          migration – переселение, қоныс аудару

Breath – дышать, дем алу                                               breeding – размножение, көбейю

Without – без(предлог)                                                   edge – край, шеті

Depth  — глубина, тереңдік                                             extinct – вымерший, өліп қалған

Row – ряд, қатар                                                             female — самка

Swallow  — глотать, жұту                                                weigh – взвешиваться, өлшену


Ex 9 p-50 read the text and translate “Ocean world: whales”



Ex 10 p- 51 complete the diagram






  1. Consolidation


Divide into 3 groups

Game: “My team is a champion”


“Grey whale”
“Blue whale”
  1. Homework

Translate the text

To learn new words