Welcome to Challenge Youth Club in Actobe

Level: the 5th A form

Module: 1. Challenge

Theme: Welcome to Challenge Youth Club in Actobe

Objectives: -to practise using the structures “to be into/to be interested in”

telling about interests

  • to develop pupils speaking and listening skills
  • to enlarge pupils outlook

with the variety of interests of people in the world

Language material: pupils’ workbooks, handouts, slides, images

Techniques: multimedia board, ear-phones, tape- recorder, computers






  1. Organization Moment.

T.: Good morning, pupils

A Chant: T: Are the lights on?                                         Ps: Yes, they are

Is the board on?                                                  Yes, it is

Is there a pen on the board?                                Yes, there is

Are the students here?                                         Yes, they are

Is the teacher here?                                              Yes, she is

Is it time to begin?                                               Yes, it is

  1. Sit down, please. How are you?


  1. Speech Drill.

(Multi-media board is on and clean)

T.: What was the theme of our last lesson?   Ps.: It was “The Challenge”

T.: Right. What is “challenge”?  (T. askes one student to come up to the board to write the association he/she has about the word “Challenge”)

Ps: Challenge is something exciting, new.

Challenge is something difficult that needs a lot of skills or effort to do.

Challenge is an invitation from someone to compete or fight.

Challenge is a program for the young people founded by the Duke of Edinburgh.

T.: Who is the Duke of Edinburgh? What is his program? What club was opened?


  • Introduction to the theme of the lesson

(On the board: slide1- Welcome to Challenge Youth Club in Actobe)

T.: You are the internet-operators today. Let’s open “Our Challenge Youth Club” in Actobe and welcome children from different countries to compete.


  1. Setting the aim of the lesson

T.: Today we are to meet children and complete the forms about their interests


  1. Phonetic Drill

(On the board: page from Workbook CD (Vocabulary: Interests))

T.: a) What interests are there? Look at the board. Listen and repeat. What interests can you add?

  1. b) Match the words with the pictures


  1. Oral Practice

(On the board: slide2- The Key Phrases: to be into…/to be interested in…




  • : We opened our website. Let’s check it.





(On the board: three photos of children)



Angela                                                    Ben                                                Susannah



FromLondon in.


horse riding and




FromMilan in…

and music



FromKyoto in…
InterestsComputers and

2) T.: These are the photos of our first participants. What are their names?

How do they look like?


3) T.: Open your workbooks on p.11 ex.2. Listen to these people and complete the forms. Egor is to write on the board.


4) T.: Listen again and tell who says…

  1. Angela 2. Ben 3. Susannah
  2. a) My dad is English
  3. b) Computers are fantastic
  4. c) My favourite thing is horse riding
  5. d) My mum is English
  6. e) We are in London for a year.


4) Ps are to tell the information got about children.


5) T.: Let’s check our website again. Push Module 1- Communication 1.

Who is there? Oh, eh. I’ve forgotten to say, this is our American internet-operator -Tom. Tom wants to help us. He will take video interviews and send them to us. Put on your ear-phones. Listen, watch and complete the form. Internet-operators A are to complete Tom’s form, B-the girls form


Task: You are Pupil A. Complete Tom’s form. He’s an American internet-operator. Then ask your partner what the girl is not  into.

E.G. What is girl not into?




 Task: You are Pupil B. Complete the girl’s form. Ask your partner what Tom is not interested in.

E.G. What is Tom not interested in?




6) T.: Our e-mail is empty. But we’ve got many guests from different oblasts of Actobe today. Ask them about their interests and if they want to enter our club. Talk through an interpreter.



The 5th A form. The Challenge-Interests.


Task: Choose an interpreter to ask questions and complete the form.









(Which Actobe oblast?)


What are you into? /

What are you interested in?

Would you like to enter our club?



7) Ss are to tell the results of interview.


8) T.: What are you interested in? Your home task was to make video about your interests to send them to children entered our club. Let’s watch it.


9) Are you interested in singing the songs? Let’s sing the song “Have you ever…?”






  • Conclusion

T.: How many people have we got in our club for today. What are they into?


  • Evaluation

T.: All of you worked hard today. You’ve been real internet-operators.


  1. Home-task

T.: Now, You are to have a break. We’ll continue at the second lesson today.


  1. Parting

T.: Stand up, please. You may be free