Kazakhstan is my Motherland” ( quiz-lesson)

Lesson plan  №36

Grade: 10 a

Date: 18.01.13.

Theme: “ Kazakhstan is my  Motherland” ( quiz-lesson)

Objectives: SWAT listen, answer the questions, complete the sentences, math proverbs and      correct  mistakes.

Materials: computer, screen, map, yurt, a table for counting points, interactive board.




2.Warm-up: Listening to the text “ Portable homes”. Look at the new words and listen to the text.

New words:

  1. Portable- жылжымалы, жиналмалы.
  2. Nomadic- көшпенді.
  3. Felt- қойдың жүнінен жасалған кйіз.
  4. Light- жеңіл.
  5. Yak-як.
  6. Shepherd-қойшы.


In the past, the people of Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries were nomadic. This means that they moved from place with their animals. They didn’t have time to build houses when they stopped. They carried their  ‘ houses’ with them.


We call these portable houses ‘ yurts’. Yurt is an English word from the Russian yurta (юрта). A yurt is a large round tent usually made of wood and felt (sheep’s wool). It is light, and one animal- a camel or a yak- can carry it on its back. It is also easy to put up and take down, and very comfortable to live in.


The steppes of Central Asia can be very cold and very hot at different times of the year. Yurts protect the people inside them from the winter cold and the summer heat, from wind and from snow.


Kazakh shepherds still use yurts when they are on the steppes with their sheep and goats. They are also popular with visitors to Kazakhstan.



And, now answer the questions. 1. Why did  Kazakh live in yurts?

  1. What is a yurt made of?
  2. What animals usually carry a yurt from place to place?
  3. Are yurts cold in winter?
  4. Who uses yurts now?
  5. What is yurt like?



Let’s start our competition. Today, dear students. You will demonstrate what you know about Kazakhstan. Our competition consists of 5 tours. For each right  answer you’ll get two points and one point for the additional answer. I team- “Astana”

II team-“ Almaty ”

4.Practice. I tour. T: Students, look at the blackboard. There is a table with numerals. You must choose any numeral and I’ll ask you a question.

1.How many regions are there in Kazakhstan? (14 regions.)

2.When do we celebrate the Independence Day?(on the 16th of December)

3.What is the main state law? (the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.)

4.Who is the head of Kazakhstan? (President N. Nazarbaev)

5.What is the biggest river in Kazakhstan?(The Irtysh)

6.Who was Kurmangazy?(a composer)

7.What river is Astana situated on?(The Ishym)

  1. What chambers does Kazakh Parliament consist of?(the Senate and the Majilis)

9.When was the last Constitution approved? (on the 30th of August,1995)

10.When did Independent Kazakhstan become a member of the world Olympic Committee? (in 1994)


II tour. T: Dear Students! Look at the blackboard. Read and complete: 6 sentences.

1.In the east Kazakhstan borders on …….. (China)

  1. The main lake in Kazakhstan is ………… (Balkhash)

3.Two powerful industrial oblasts in the east of Kazakhstan are …………  …………(Pavlodar and Uskemen)

4.When the capital was changed from Almaty, the city got a symbolic name ………. (Astana)

5.The epic novel “Abai” is the work of ……………… (M.Auezov)

6.Kazakhstan has huge reserves of mineral ……………….(resources)

III tour. T: Now, you must make up topics about Kazakhstan and its national flag.

I team.”My home- Kazakhstan.”

Kazakhstan is one of the independent states of the Commonwealth Independent States(the CIS). It is situated in the central part of the Euro-Asian continent. Its territory stretches from West to East for 3,000 kilometers and from North to South for 1,600 kilometers covering an area 2,717,000 sq.kms. In the West, Northwest and North it borders on the Russian Federation. In the South and Southwest are the Republics of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. In the Southeast and East, there is China. The border length of  Kazakhstan is more than 15,000 km.

According to active administrative and territorial division, Kazakhstan consists of 14 regions, and 223 districts. There are 83 cities and 204 townships.

The population of Kazakhstan is about 16 million people. People of 120 nationalities live in the country. Kazakh is the state language, but Russian is officially used on an equal basis with Kazakh. The languages of the minority groups living in our Republic are freely spoken.

Kazakhstan has huge reserves of mineral resources such as: crude oil, natural gas, copper, zinc, gold and silver. Mining, machinery manufacture, the production of  petro-chemicals and agriculture are important sectors of the economy. Agriculture provides grain, fruit, cotton, tobacco and meat.

Kazakhstan is a unitary country  with a presidential form of the government.

The  Republic of  Kazakhstan is a member of eleven international organizations including the United Nation, UNESCO, JAEA, UNISEF, IMF and others.

II team: “The national flag of Kazakhstan”

The national flag of Kazakhstan is blue. It’s the colour of the cloudless sky, the symbol of peace.

According to  the heraldry the blue colour corresponds to such human qualities as honesty, hope and faithfulness. In the center of the flag there is the gold sun, the symbol of energy. Rays have the form of grain, the symbol of independence6 freedom and state power. The yellow ornament “Koshkar mujiz” is the symbol of the Kazakh art.


IV tour. T: Matching. Please, take the cards with  English. Russian, Kazakh proverbs and match them.

I team: 1. A good beginning makes good ending.

Әр істің арты игі.

Лиха беда начало.

  1. A man can die but once.

Екі өлім болмайды, біреуінен құтыла алмайсың.

Двум смертям не бывать,а одной не миновать.

  1. All that glitters is not gold.

Жылтырағанның бәрі алтын емес.

Не все золото что блестит.

II team: 1. Art is long, life is short.

Өмір қысқа, өнер мәңгі.

Искусство вечно, а жизнь коротка.

  1. He laughs best who laughs last

Соңғы күлкі-оңды күлкі.

Хорошо смеется тот, кто смеется последним.

  1. So many men, so many customs.

Көптің ойы кемеңгер.

Сколько людей, столько умов.






V tour. T: Look at the blackboard, read the sentences and correct the mistake.

5.Production. Task: Complete the table with your own ideas:

Place to visit:Astana, Almaty, Charyn Canyon, Burabai, Turkestan, Aktau.


Food:besharnrak, kuirdak, baursak, kumys, shubat, kazy-karta, zhal-zhaya.


People:friendly, polite, hospitable, kind.


Homes:yurts, apartment blocks, houses, flats.


Sports:Boxing, wrestling, cycling, lifting, athletics, ice- hockey.



  1. Evaluation. T:The team who has won the game gets “5”. The second team gets “4”.

If the score is equal wins friendship.

  1. Home work: to write a letter to a pen-friend about Kazakhstan.