The UK of Great Britain. ( Ұлыбритания)

Theme:  The UK of Great Britain. ( Ұлыбритания)

Aims of the lesson:

  1. a) to give more information about Great Britain and its popular places, to enlarge their interest in learning English language.
  2. b) to develop pupils abilities in speaking through pair work. To develop their creative abilities.
  3. c) to bring up feelings of responsibility


Procedure of the lesson:

Find the English equivalent of the new words

Біріккен патшалық –

Ұлыбритания –

Солтүстік Ирландия –

Атлант мұхиты –

Европа –

Довер бұғазы –

Ауылшаруашылық –

Британ аралдары –

Темза өзені –



Group work: Prepare your presentations about Great Britain

Teacher:Very good! We have taken a lot of information. Now let me add some information and show you some places that are popular in the UK.

Exercise 1.

Answer the questions

  • What is the official name of Great Britain ?
  • Where is the United Kingdom of Great Britain situated ?
  • How many parts does the U.K. consist of ?
  • What are they ?
  • What is the capital of Great Britain ?
  • What is its population ?
  • What is its area ?

Exercise 2.

Insert the necessary numbers.

  • There are some ______ islands.
  • The area of the UK is _______ km.
  • The UK consists of ______
  • The ______ of them are the main islands.
  • The population of Great Britain is over ______
  • There are _____ boys and _____  girls in our class.



True or false

1)The population of Great Britain doesn’t live in towns and cities.
2) Great Britain is rich in natural resources.
3) Coal and oil are the most natural resources of Great Britain.
4) The Severn is the largest river in Great Britain.
5) It is too hot in summer and too cold in winter.


Conclusion:      I knew,        I have known,        I want to know

Giving homework: Write a composition about Great Britain.

Giving marks.