The Theme: English-speaking countries

The Theme: English-speaking countries

The aims: 1. To enrich pupils knowledge about the English-speaking countries

  1. To enable pupils to get over timidity and improve their speaking skills
  2. To show the pupils how learning English will be joyful
  3. To get pupil interested in learning English

Visual aids: placards, wall-papers, maps, work-sheets


Compeer: Dear teachers and pupils! You are welcome to our English Party. I hope you all enjoy our party.  Now you `ll  see a competition of lively and quick-witted between two teams. We wish you success.  We elect a competent jury. They are our teachers. Let me introduce you to the first team. They are called “Stars and Stripes”.

  1. Our team: Stars and Stripes
  2. Our motto: Live and learn
  • Our song: Words

Compeer: Now the team “Union Jack” will welcome you

  1. Our team: Union Jack
  2. Our motto: Knowledge is power
  • Our song: Never look back

Compeer: Let’s begin our competition. Each team represents the country they’ve chosen. The first team speaks  about the USA.

(Pupils speak about the geographical position, political system and national symbols of the USA)

Compeer: Well done. Please the second team -about the UK

(Pupils speak about the geographical position, political system and national symbols of the UK)

Compeer: Now we come the second round of our competition “Guess which proverb”. Each team will be shown three pictures connected with proverbs an they will find the respective proverb.

(a cat, money , a face, a hand, a ship, eyes)

(a cat)        A cat in gloves catches no mice

(money)    Money spent on the brain never spent in rain

Compeer: The next round in the competition is called “What is it”.  Each team will be given three words. They have to explain it with other words. The second team must guess what it is.

(a desk, a kitchen, a bed, a school, a house, a bag)

(a desk) You can see it in each classroom. Pupils sit at it. They put their books, exercise-books, pens on it.

Compeer: The next round is a competition of your songs and poems.

Compeer: The competition goes on. The next round is called “Split proverbs”. Each team has to say the beginning of the proverb and the others finish the proverb. Five proverbs for each team.

Compeer: The next round is a competition of your dances.

Compeer: The next competition is between the captains. Each captain has three paper cards with numbers on them – 1,2,3. I read sentences and the possible variants to finish them. The captains are supposed to choose the correct one and hold up the necessary card 1,2 or 3. They have only 5 seconds to answer.


1) The total  territory of the USA is ………………………

1) 9, 6 million square kilometers

2) 3, 7 million square kilometers

3) 2, 7 million square kilometers

2) The highest mountain in the USA is ………………..

1) Mc Kinley

2) Rocky Mountain

3) Mount Witney

3) The Declaration of Independence was drafted by ……………….

1) T. Jefferson

2) J. Washington

3) J. Madison

4) The oldest University in Great Britain is …………………

1) Oxford

2) Cambridge

3) Edinburgh

5) The nickname of London’s  Underground is ………………..

1) the Tube

2) the Subway station

3) road

6) The “ Speakers Corner” in London is situated in …………….

1) the Hyde Park

2) the British Museum

3) the Trafalgar Square

Compeer: Now it is time the jury to sum up the results and announce the winners

Compeer: Our party is over. I hope that you have enjoyed this party. Thank you. Good bye