“My Plans for Future”

Demonstrative lesson “My Plans for Future”


to practice using words related to professions;

to practice listening for specific information;

to guess words by the context;

to practice communicative skills;

to express opinions;

to practice reading for detail;

to make notes.

Visual aids: an interactive board, a ball, pictures, diagrams

The methods: interview, discussing, listening

Type of the lesson: untraditional, critical thinking

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Preliminaries: Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you. Sit down, please. What was your home task?
  2. Checking the Home task:
  3. Second conditional.

We use the second conditional when talking  about future events that are not likely to happen.

  • If + Simple Past, + Would + Base Form
    Would + Base Form + If + Simple Past
    If I won a million dollars, I would travel around the world.
    (There is a small possibility that I would actually win.)
    I would be surprised if I saw pigs in the sky.
    (It is very unlikely for me to see pigs in the sky.)
  1. Exercise 5. To match the sentences using the conditionals
  1. My sister would come to see me
  2. He would have bought the book
  3. He would have passed the exam
  4. We shall save our Planet
a)If he had had enough money at that moment.

b)If she were not busy today.

c)If we care about the environment.

d)If he hadn’t made so many grammar mistakes.


  • Main part:

Epigraph: If you are planning for a year, sow rice;

If you are planning for a decade, plant trees;

If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.      (Chinese proverb)

  1. Speaking activity My inmost dreams & desires
  2. to make a good career, with high salary, great feeling

of job satisfaction, good career position

  1. to provide my personal appearance be fit & healthy, the longer-the better. Spot club, body building, fitness, shaping;
  2. to have a nice car, not luxury car, but reliable & easy repair
  3. to buy or build a comfortable house
  4. to become a well-rounded person, English fluently, opportunity to study new things.
  5. to spend my vacation traveling a lot
  6. to go shopping without any thought will it be enough money for next salary.
  7. to do my best for making my family happy & cheerful; No dangerous sickness, no occasional violence.

9.. My parents be healthy. I wish they lived nearer.

  1. Vocabulary work.


Communication– байланыс, қарым-қатынас

Performance – орындау

Appearance – көрініс

Specialize – мамандандыру

Sharp mind — өткір ой

Constantly – жиі-жиі


  1. Text “My plans for Future”

What do you want to be in Future? – I have often heard this question. Sometimes it is difficult to answer this question, sometimes not.

Little children usually dream of an unusual profession. Some of them want to become spacemen; others want to discover new lands, thirds – to dive in deep seas. But most of them want to be famous, so they usually want to become a star – a film star, a pop star, a football star and so on.

I don’t know for certain what I do, but I shall think the best way to prepare myself for a future job is to get a good education. Jobs are changing and constantly appearing. In a few years, there will be more new jobs and nobody knows what they will be. But good cannot solve the problem alone. It is important to have good health to face difficulties and changes. That’s why I pay great attention to sports.

  1. Translator. Жауап айту қиын, ең ерекше мамандық, ғарышкер болу, жаңа құрлықтар ашу, киножұлдызы болу, поп-жұлдызы болу, танымал болу, анық білу, жақсы тәсіл, келешектегі жұмысқа дайындалу, жақсы білім алу, бірнеше жылдан кейін, жаңа мамандықтар әлдеқайда көбейді, мәселені шешу, денсаулығы мықты болу, қиындықтар мен өзгерістерді кездестіру.
  2. The Venn’s diagram. To write the names of professions






  1. Speaking activity. To answer the question: What do you want to be?
  2. The rhyme “I want to Ве

Some people often say to mе:
«Have уоu decided what уоu want to bе?»
I usually answer, «I don’t know,»
But it isn’t really so.
I want to win аn Olympic race,
I want to see the Earth from space,
I want to travel to Katmandu
I want to bе rich and famous, too.
I want to bе оn Hollywood’s screen,
I want to invent а new machine,
I want to bе very clever and wise,
I want to win the Nobel prize,
But most of all, I want to bе
Healthy and strong, and nice.

  1. The work with the pictures
  2. 9. The most prestigious professions


IT-professionals, web-designers


Biotechnologists, electronic specialists


Service experts



Medical professionals



  1. Message of the President of the country to the people of Kazakhstan

Our young state would grow up and reach its manhood and with it our children and
grandchildren would also become grown up people. They would have an equally good command of the Kazakh, Russian and English languages. Our children would become highly skilled workers and farmers, engineers, bankers, men-of-arts, owners of shops, teachers and doctors, owners of plants and factories, stock brokers and sportsmen

  1. Reflection. Express your reflection about lesson, using special emotional symbols.

-The lesson was excellent

I learned so much

⃝  — The lesson was good

I learned something

⃝  — The lesson was OK

I learned a little

  1. Homework: To write a composition” My plans for Future”