Theme: Carol’s kitchen.

                                    Outline of the lesson plan


Subject: English

From: 5

Theme: Carol’s kitchen.

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: Recycling the Present Simple, the language function, the grammar structure “Are

                       There” & “Is there” & new theme Carol’s kitchen.

                       New vocabulary connected with the topic of the lesson.

Developing: To develop pupils’ speech habits, through reading, speaking, listening  

                      and writing.

Upbringing: to bring up pupils’ to clean their home & help their partners to tidy their house.

Communicative: to teach pupils’  listening, reading, writing  , speaking & practice. Talking     

                             about their kitchen

Form of the lesson: Traditional lesson

Type of the lesson: Presentation

Methods of the lesson: explanation, demonstration, exercises

Visual aids: nonmechanical (tables)

Inter subject connection: Kazakh

Literature: English from 5 A.T. Ayapova


The  procedure  of the  lesson.


Stages of the lessonTeacher’s activity Pupil’s activityTime
I. Introduction 1.Greeting

-Good morning children.

-Thank you! Sit down please.

2.Talking to duty

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

-What date is it today?

-What day is it today?


— Good morning teacher.



-I am on duty today.

-All are present.

-Today the __________

Today it is __________

II. Presentation













-OK. Very nice! Open your books pg.107. We have new theme » Carol’s kitchen.»

1 grammar

We have grammar materials

Before repeat the Present Simple осы шақ rule

Сұрақ қойған кезде where/what көмекші сөздерін қолданамыз, олардан кейін do/does көмекші етістіктер қолданылады.


Present Simple  









come from?







Ok. Girls & boys. Marvelous.

Our grammar today the structure of “Are

there” & “Is there”

-Look here

There                                                                                                                                               isa book on the table.
There aretwo books on the table.


There is not


a book on the table.
There are not


two books on the table.


Is therea book on the table?
Are theretwo books on the table?


P -s: Open there books





P1: Сұрақ қойған кезде where/what көмекші сөздерін қолданамыз, олардан кейін do/does көмекші етістіктер қолданылады.














P-s: look & listen.











III. Vocabulary























IV. Practice
































VI. Conclusion


Ok. Look at the blackboard. We have are new words.

Listen to me.

Cooker [kukә] газ плита

Sink [siŋk] суға батыру

Fridge [fridз] тоңазытқыш

Dishwasher [diſwoſә] ыдыс жуатын машина

Washing machine [woſiŋ mәſi:n] кір жуатын машина

Cupboard [kΛbәd] шкаф

A lot of [ә lot ov] біраз

Bowl [bәul] тостаған

Plate [pleit]тарелка

Jug [dзΛg] құмыра

-OK. Repeat after me all together.

— Repeat after me the 1st row

-Repeat after me the 2nd row

— Repeat after me the 3rd row

— OK. Read please, one by one

OK. Write down words in vocabulary. I’ll give you 5 minutes

-Have you finishing?

-now look at the ex.1.

1.Let’s read & translate.

2. Talking to your friend

— now very good. Fantastic. So, look at the ex.2

Look at the picture

  1. Listen & repeat
  2. Match the words to the number in the kitchen

reading, speaking & writing

-Delightful. very nice. Now look at the ex.3 read the texts & translate Carol’s kitchen



-Fantastic. So, look at the ex.4

Write this ex. in your copy books

-Ok. Girls & boys. Marvelous. So, look at the ex.5 describe your kitchen.

Who is starting? You please 

-Good, Look at the ex 6 write the 4-5 questions use the grammar for today.


-Perfect guys! Look at the ex.8 

talk to your friend. Tell your partner  about your interview


-OK. Open you books page 110. Look at the Ex.13.

Ww [dΛblju:]

-super. So, look at the ex.14 read these words & say them.

-Perfect guys! Good. Look at the ex.15 pg.109

A guessing game. My room

Ask your friend questions & find the objects, the furniture in his room





P-s: look & listen.















P-s: Repeat it after me all together.



P1: P2: P3: …P4:…




P-s: Listen & repeat






P-s: Listen & repeat



P3: ,P4



P3: ,P4



P-s: writing this ex.




P3: ,P4



P3: ,P4



P3: ,P4





P-s read these words & say them







VII. Home-task




-Now guys Open your diaries and write your home-task ex.12, 10, 9 pg.110 .

So. Guys. I’ll give your marks. I want to evaluate your activities.

P1: You are the best one who works hard today. Your English is good & I put excellent.

P2: You want to work industrious, but have some mistakes today. I put mark good.

P3:… P4:…

Stand up, please!

Our lesson is over. Thank you for your attention.

Good – bye guys.

P-s: write your home-task













Good – bye! Good – bye!