Сабақтың тақырыбы In the surgical department Хирургиялық бөлімде

Сабақтың тақырыбы In the surgical  department Хирургиялық бөлімде

Сабақтың мақсаты:                 

Білімділігі:                        Оқушыларға хирургиялық бөлімде  мәтінін

түсіндіру.Оқушылар алған білімдерін

жүйелеп,тақырыпқа сай ой бөліседі.Тапсырмаларды

орындау арқылы ауызекі сөйлеу дағдыларын және

сөздік қорларын молайту.


Науқасқа күтім жасай білуді үйрету, жаңа

лексикалық  сөздермен жұмыс жасау және диалог


Тәрбиелігі:                         Оқушыларды толықтай сабаққа қатыстырып,пәнге

деген қызығушылығын арттыру.


Сабақтың көрнекілігі:      Оқулық,  суреттер, компьютер, слайдтар,

мультимедиялық экран, сызбанұсқалар,

интерактивті  тақта.

Сабақтың түрі: аралас сабақ (сын тұрғысынан ойлау)

Сабақтың типі:  бағдар беру

Пән аралық байланыс: қазақ-орыс тілдері, хирургия, педиатрия пәндері

Оқулықтар: 1.Пособие по английскому языку для медицинских училищ          С.А.Тылкина,Н.А.Темчина

2.English for medical students  А.М.Маслова,З.И.Вайнштейн


                                       1.Procedure of the lesson

                                    Сабақтың жүру барысы 2 минут

  1. Organization moment

T: Good morning(afternoon)pupils!

P: Good morning(afternoon)teacher!

T: Thank you,sit down,please!

  1. duty’s report

T: Who is on duty today?

P: I am on duty today.

T: Who is absent?

P: All are present.

T: What date is it today?

P: Today is the 31st of March.

T: What date is it?

P: It is Wednesday.

T: What season is it?

P: It is spring.

T: What is the weather today?

P: It is fine.

T: Thank you,sit down,please!


  2.Checking up homework  10минут

T:What was the hometask for today?Who can tell me?

P: Our hometask speak about ”Rickets”.

T: Who is ready for the lesson?

P: I am.

T: At first say “new words”


Rickets-               рахит

Side-                    жақ,беткей

Protruding-          рахиттік

Belly-                  іш,кебу

Lack(of)-             жетіспеушілік


Ex1p71. Көп нүктенің орнына тиісті сөзді қойыңыз.”ricket’s,appear,side,sweat.’

1.The patient felt pain in his right.

  1. Red rash… on his body.
  2. Lack of vitamin”D” in the food may cause… .
    4. He worked hard in the garden and his face was covered with…  .



The first symptoms of rickets may appear very early when the child is only 2or3 months old.

The back of the head sweats and a wet place appears on the pillow.The baby tosses his head from side to side and the back of the baby’s head becomes bald.

The child often cries,sleeps badly.The child holds up his head later than other children do,sits later,walks later.Grown up children with rickets have protruding bellies,big heads and crooked legs.

The cause of rickets is lack of sunlight,vitamin”D” in the food and wrong care of the children.

If a mother feeds her baby correctly,keeps the baby in the open air for many hours,her baby will not have rickets.













-Now, OK. You are understand  the text” Rickets”

-Yes. We understand the text.

3.New  theme 15минут

All together open your copybook and write down today’s   date and new theme” In the surgical department”. Now, I don’t before beginning the lesson after I am acquainted new words.

In the surgical   department

You already know much about our family. Now I want to tell you about my father. My father is a doctor. He is a surgeon. He works at a large hospital in the surgical department. He works very hard. His work begins at nine. When he comes to the hospital he goes to his wards to examine his patients. He asks the ward nurse about the post-operative condition of his patients. She often tells him that there are no post-operative reactions. And sometimes she tells the doctor that the temperature of some of the post-operative patients is rather high and some of them have a swelling. The surgeon gives necessary instructions to the nurse and goes to the operating-room. He operates three days a week. I had my practice at the hospital where my father works and I learnt very much there.

The work at the surgical department is rather difficult but very interesting. I learnt much about surgical nursing, about the dressing of wounds and about the duties of a surgical nurse.

4.New words  5 минут

1.Surgical      -хирургиялық        хирургический

2.department  — бөлім                   отделение

3.surgeon  —   оташы                     хирург

4.post-operative  —  операциядан кейін      послеоперационный

5.reaction  —  асқыну                     осложнение

6.swelling  —  ісік, қабыну            воспаление

7.operating-room  —  операция бөлмесі       операционная

8.dressing  —  тану                          перевязка  повязка

9.wound  —  жара                            рана

10.duty  —  міндеті                         обязанность


5.Grammar exercises  10 минут

Ex 1p72. Берілген сөз тіркестерін ағылшын тіліне аударыңыз.

Операциядан кейінгі науқастың жай-күйі, хирургиялық бөлім; науқасты тексеру; қажетті нұсқаулық беру;  аптасына үш рет ота жасау; хирургиялық мейірбике; палата мейірбикесі; ісік.

Ex2p73 .Сұраққа жауап беріңіз.

1.Where does Ann’s father work?

  1. When does his work begin?

3.Whom does he ask about the patients’ condition?

4.Has he many operations during a week?

5.Have you been at a surgical department?

Ex3.In the box there are words to do with in the surgical department. Decide what the four groups are, then complete the network.

Surgeon                   pills                      hat                  shoe                tonsillitis

Patients                    gown                    appendicitis    mask              tablets

Pneumonia               specialist              nurse               mixture          injection

Gloves                     anesthesia


In the surgical department





Things that doctors give you





6.Brainstorming  10 минут

Now,students complete this chart.You are must write forms of disease and symptoms.Write down common for all signs.


Оқушылар ендігі сіздерге беріліп отырған тапсырма сіздер 4жерге  4түрлі  аурудың белгілерін  жазасыздар,ал ортасына сол ауруларға ортақ белгілерін жазасыздар.

pancreatitis                                                  appendicitis

disease of stomack , nausea                          high temperature



high temperature

don’t want appetite

often vomits, weak, thirsty,                           nausea, don’t  want appetite ,

don’t want appetite ,operation                      abdominal pain, weak ,vomit,

high temperature                                                             operation




tonsillitis                                                                                  tubercolosis

high temperature                                                               high temperature ,cough

sore throat, weak,

don’t want appetite,sweatly

don’t want appetite,

can’t swallow ,operation                                              weak ,vomit ,operation


7.Tasks  10 минут

Берілген сөйлемдерді қазақ тіліне аударыңыз.

1.The patients postoperative course was without any complications.

2.A piece of plaster was stuck on the wound.

3.Preparing the hands before the operation the surgeons usually cutaway uneven parts of the nails and then clean the hands rubbing them hard with a brush,soap and hot water.

4.During the operation the surgeon made a cut with a scalpel.

5.This is a room where the surgeons,their assistants and surgical nurses get ready for the operation.

6.Is it difficult to give blood to the patient during the operation?

7.It is necessary to kill all bacteria on the surgical instruments by boiling them before the operation.

8.The surgical nurse must prepare sterile gowns,dressing and instruments beforehand.

9.The nurse made a thorough cleaning of the wound and then put a dressing on it.

10.When we attend the lectures of our professors we acquire much knowledge of medicine.

8.Cards  10 минут

Берілген сөздерден сөз тіркестерін құрастыр.











9 .Find the 13 words   5 минут



10.Find the superfluous words.

 A T E R H E H C A   — H E A R T A C H E

 D E I N I C E M  —  M E D I C I N E

I C T I S P I P E N D A – A P P E N D I C I T I S

 L O I L I S T T I S N  — T O N S I L L I T I S



  1. 11. Conclusion the lesson.




 Now write down copybooks your homework. At first retell  the text ”In the surgical department” after then learn the new words and complete the dialogue.


Our    lesson is over. I am getting your marks… .

Thank you very much your participants.

Good –by!