Using the Pronouns in English Есімдіктердің ағылшын тілінде қолданылуы

Using the Pronouns in English  Есімдіктердің ағылшын  тілінде қолданылуы 

Есімдіктер есім сөздердің атын да, белгісін де, санын да,  атамай тек нұсқап меңзеп көрсетеді де, солардың орнына қолданылады. Ағылшын тілінде бірнеше есімдіктер бар. Олар  Personal pronouns (жіктеу есімдіктері), Possessive pronouns (тәуелдік есімдіктері), Demonstrative pronouns (сілтеу есімдіктері), Reflexive pronouns (өзіндік есімдіктері), Indefinit pronouns (белгісіздік есімдіктері) т.б.

  1. Personal Pronouns (Жіктеу есімдігі)

Жіктеу есімдігінің жасалу жолдары төмендегідей тізбе сызықтары арқылы көрсетілген.

Жіктеу есімдігі атау септігінде(the Nominative case) Who?(кім) сұрағына жауап берсе, табыс септігінде ( the Objective case ) Whom?(кімге?) деген сұрағына жауап береді.

She, He, It (ол)                   We (біз)

You (сен)

You (сендер)

I (мен)                  Who?                     They (олар)

Personal pronoun

Me (маған)                 Whom?       Them (оларға)

You (саған)                         You (сендерге)

Him, Her, It (оған)                         Us (бізге)

I am a doctor. She is a nice girl. They are good friends. We are  very clever pupils. My aunt gives me a gift. I promise to invite them  to my birthday  party. The teacher  explains  us (them, her, him)  the rule of the task.

  1. Possessive Pronouns (Тәуелдік есімдіктері)

Тәуелдік есімдіктері зат есімді анықтап тұрады және тек зат есімнің алдында қолданылады. Whose? (кімнің? Кімдікі?)   деген сұраққа жауап береді.




                          Possessive pronouns (Тәуелдік есімдіктері)

                   Whose?  (Кімнің?)                       Whose? (Кімдікі?)

My (менің)              Our (біздің)


Your (сенің)             Your (сендердің)



Her     (оның)           Their (олардың)


Mine (менікі)        Ours (біздікі)


Yours (сенікі)       Yours (сендердікі)



Hers     (Оныкі)      Theirs (олардікі)



My name is Marzhan. Whose name is Marshan?  What is yours?  Mine is Asel.

This is my flat.  It is mine.  That is her camera. That’s hers. Their job is not easy.

Whose school is this? It is ours. Your watch is wrong. Yours is wrong

Есіңе сақта ! : my, your, his …. есімдігі әлбетте зат есімнің алдында қолданылады.

Mine, yours, his… — есімдіктері зат есімсіз  қолданылады.



  • Reflexive Pronouns (Өздік есімдіктер)

Өздік есімдіктері ағылшын  тілінде  жіктеу есімдігіне жекеше түрде  — self, ал көпше түрдегі  есімдіктерге – selves  жалғауы жалғануы арқылы жасалады. Өздік есімдігі  әр адамның белгілі бір істі өзі істегендігін көрсетіп тұрады.


                                  Reflexive Pronouns (Өздік есімдіктері)


I   —      myself  (өзім)


You —  yourself  (өзің)


He   —  himself  (ол өзі)

She  — herself  ( ол өзі)

It  —     itself  ( ол өзі)


We — ourselves  (өзіміз)


You  — yourselves  (өздеріңіз



They — themselves  (өздері)




He  solved his problem himself.  I brush my teeth myself every morning.  The little girl cleans her rooms herself. The farmers grow and look after vegetables themselves. We can translate the text ourselves.   The cat drinks milk itself.  You should repair your car yourself.




  1. Demonstrative Pronouns (сілтеу есімдіктері)

Сілтеу есімдіктері нұсқау және көрсету мағынарын білдіретін есімдіктің түрі.This( these)ақын жердегі затты атаса, that (those)алысырақ қашықтықтағы затты көрсетеді.


This(мынау)                 These  (мыналар)

That  (анау)                  Those  (аналар)

This is a big city. These are big cities. I like this skirt.  I like these nice skirts. That is an old  house where I have  lived before. Those geese are ours.  I want to buy this round watch.   Show, me please, those  new watches. These countries  situated in Europe.

Есте сақта: This, that – жекеше түрде. Those, these – көпше түрде қолданылады.

This is  …   That  is   …..          These  are….   Those are ….

Indefinite Pronouns (белгісіз  есімдіктері)

Белгісіз есімдіктер саналатын және саналмайтын зат есімдермен  қолданылады. Олар Болымды, Болымсыз және Сұраулы сөйлемдермен  қолданылады.



thing (бірнәрсе)

                    Some                 body (біреу)

                             one (әлдекім)                                        thing (ешнәрсе)

                                were (бір жерде)


                                                            No                                         body (ешкім) 

                        thing (ешнәрсе)                                              one (ешкім)


    Any               body (ешкім)                                              were (ешқайда)

one (ешкім)

were (еш жерде)


1   Болымды сөйлемде жауап бергенде көпше түрде қолданылады.   Are there any                    pictures  on the wall?  Yes, there are some.  I have bought some souvenirs for my relatives on the way.

  1. Ұсыныс жасағанда. Would you like some orange juice?
  2. Саналматын зат есіммен тек жекеше түрде қолданылады. There is some bread on the plate. I need some water. There is some fresh meat in the fridge , take it please.

Any есімдігі болымсыз сөйлемде және сұраулы сөйлемде қолданылады.  Have you any problem? No, I haven’t any problem.    ( I have no problem )

Indefinite pronouns : much, many, little ,a little, few, a few.

 Көп                                                             Аз     



Much             Many                                Little                            Few                                                            (саналмайтын зат есім)                           (саналатын зат есім)    (саналмайтын зат есім)    (саналатын зат есім)



much sugar            many desk                           little sugar                     few   pears

much rain              many pens                           a little rain                     a few  cars

Есіңе сақта !

few, a few, many – (бірнеше, көп) тек қана көпше түрде саналатын зат есімдермен қолданылады,  little, a little, much – (азырақ, көп)  тек қана жекеше түрде саналмайтын зат есімдермен қолданылады.

lots of, a lot of – (көп) барлық жағдайда қолданылады.   For example :

There are many tall houses in the town.  I have bought a few postcards for our class.  There is little (a little) oil in the bottle.  There was  much rain in this autumn. There are a lot of plants.

How much                 . . .  …                                is there?



There   is  ……                            oil

sugar                                      (  little,  a little , much)




There is little (much) money.   There is a little petrol in my car,  I cant use it. There is much flour on the basket.

Make up sentences  using  many,  some, a few, few , a lot of



Spoons                                        on the wall

Sofas                                           on the table

cups                                              in the room              ?

How  many …..                      matches          are there  …           in  the bag

maps                                             in the sink




  1.           Grammar exercises. (Грамматикалық жаттығулар)

Level – A.

Exercise – 1.

Көп нүктенің орнына тиісті жіктеу есімдігін қойыңдар. ( I, you , he , she , it,  we, they)

  1. … am a boy of  seventh form.   …. is my sister.   3. This is my uncle.   …. is a dentist in our district hospital  4. ….. have five lessons every day.      5  …. am fond of  riding a horse.   6. Omar and Erlan  stay at home  … are playing computer games there.   7. … often go to the library to take book for reading.  8. My  near friend has a dog.   …. is very funny.  9. Mairas  mother is at home today.    …. does not go to work on Saturday. 10 We have seen this man at the market,    …    does  shopping   there.   ….  are crossing the street when we saw them.

Exercise – 2.

Өздік есімдігін дұрыс қолданыңдар. (myself, yourself, herself , himself, itself,   our selves, yourselves, themselves)

  1. The little girl cleans her tooth ….   every morning .  My brother likes to   draw  animals …..   3  I do shopping … every day.   4. My old grandfather reads the book  still  ….   5 The farmers grow  many vegetables  in every spring time .….   . 6 The driver must repair his car …. 7. You must clean your room ….  because I am busy all day.  8. We  usually make an apple cake …. 9. The little puppy feeds ….   10 Does she wash up dishes  … in the kitchen ?  11. My children often  prepare the meal  ….  when I am not at home. 12  My grandfather reads  …. a newspaper without any glass.

Exercise – 3.

            Сөйлемнің дұрыс аудармасын табыңдар.

  • Менің қызым төсегін өзі жинайды.  Мен түскі асты өзім даярлаймын.  3. Менің достарым туған күн кешіне өздері келіпті.  4 Сендер  мына гүлдерді өздерің суғаруларың керек.   5. Ұл бала сабағын өзі қарайды.  6. Біз концертке билетті өзіміз сатып алдық 7 Ұл бала атқа өзі шаба алады.


a)The boy does his homework himself.   b) You must water these flowers                                                      yourselves.  c) I always cook dinner myself.             d) My friends came to the     1 party         themselves.   e) The boy can ride a horse himself.  i )We have  bought the ticket for the concert ourselves.


1 –           3 —           5 —        7-

2-            4 —           6 –



   Exercise – 4. Көп нүктенің орнына тәуелдік есімдігін дұрыс қойыңдар.   (my – mine, your – yours, she – hers ….)

  1. …… hobby is playing volleyball. ….. favorite subjects are English and History.    3. This rubber is …. , where is …. ?    4.  …. little cousin  gets  up and washes   ….   face  herself.   5. This is my son and I want to speak  with ….. teacher.   6. Your houses are bigger than …. .    7. This is your  new friend,  … name is Eldos.   8. They often share with …. things.    9. Here are Omars and Asels gifts,  mine  is on the shelf where is  … ?  10  … hair is dark as …  . 11Our dictionaries are here but where are … ?

Exercise – 5.

        Белгісіздік есімдіктерін  дұрыс қойыңдар (Some, any)

  1. Are there …. pillows on the bed? Yes , there are …..    Would you like ….  vegetable soup.?    3. There aren’t  ….  spoons on the plate but there are … forks there.  4. I can’t see …. people in the street because  it raining all day.  5 There isn’t  …. milk in the bottle.    6. There aren’t  …. potatoes at home, we  have to go to the market   7 Mum, have you left …. money for me?  8. There are …. nice carpets on the floor of their living room.   9. Have you bought ….  postcards for holiday, we must send to our relatives.  10 Yes , don’t worry  I  have bought …  .


Exercise – 6.

    Нүктенің орнына (a, an, some)  сөздерін  қойыңдар.

…. rubber                               …plant                                          …   fork                                                     …. umbrella                             ….meat                                         …    mirror                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               …armchair                               …money                                          … salt                                            … rain                                     … milk                                             … .cheese                                          … watch                                   …plate                                              ….oil                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ….potato.                                 … water                                            …. onion


Exercise – 7    much ,many,  (a )little  (a) few

. We usually spend …. time at school during our holiday.    2. It was too cold and there weren’t …..  people in the street.    3.There is …. Sugar  on  the plate   don’t  add  … . 4                Our boys have done ….. work today.    5.  Can anybody speak  English in your class?  Yes, I can speak  …  6 Our parents stayed  only  a …. days  there,   because  they  must come back home.   7. There was  …. rain in this summer.  8. I have ….. true friends and I always can rely on them.    9. My mother usually  adds …. salt to the meal, but I don’t like …  . 10. My fathers car need  not…. petrol. 11 Does Asel have  … mistakes in her work?

No, she has …  .  12.   I have found … information about   teenagers problem.




Exercise – 8.

Сілтеу есімдіктерді қолданып,  аудармасын беріңдер.    (this, that, those, these)

мына ұл                                                                    мына көйлектер                                                                                                                                                                     анау гүл                                                                    ана алмалар                                                                                                                                                                                         мына төсек                                                              ана сурет                                                                                                                                                                                       мына үй                                                                   мына ағаштар                                                                                                                                                                                                               ана ілгіштер                                                            мына төсеніштер                                                                                                                сол қала                                                                   ана  ұшақтар

мына  пышақ                                                           ана   қасқырлар


Exercise – 9.  Берілген   сөздерден  сөйлем құрастырыңдар.

  1. Apples, are, these, red. Our,  that, new, is ,school,  building.    3. Is ,  yours ,this,  mine , раіnt,  is where, ?    4. Toys, are, those, expensive, very.     5. Woman, my, that, is mother.    6. Houses, live, those, near, I, park, the , in.     7. Day, boy, I, that, you, every, see , do ? 8 Has, in,  girl, a , hands, the , her, ball, little.  9 , They, address, can,  this, themselves, find   10  Is, the, something, in,   of , see,  we ,room, corner, the.

Exercise  -10

1     Do  you want  anything to drink ?   No ,I want to  drink nothing. 2  I have read something   interesting in the newspaper.  3. The  teacher asked :   Is anybody absent at the lesson ? We answer :  nobody is absent, all are present today.  4   I saw something dark in the garden. 5 Is there anything on the plate ?  Yes,  there is  some cheese and butter on it. 6  Has anybody  in your family read a story about  famous  Robinson  Crusoe ?  7. There  is something under the bed I cant see it. 8. When  my brother was young he could nothing  draw now he is a popular artist.

Exercise – 10.      

 Сөйлемдерді ағылшын тіліне аударыңдар


1.Мынау менің апайым. Ол мектепте ағылшын тілінің мұғалімі.     2. Мен компьютер ойынын ұнатамын.  3. Оның сүйікті пәні – тарих, бірақ менікі – сурет.   4. Менің досым өзі тоқи алады.5  Біздің сынып оқушылары ағылшынша жақсы сөйлейді  және  мәтінді аударады    6. Оның ағасы пианинода өзі ойнайды.   7. Мынау үстел, анау не?  8. Стол үстінде азырақ нан және май бар.  9. Мен ата -анама бірнеше  сыйлықтар  сатып алдым.  10. Сенің алма шырынын ішкіңіз келе ме?  Жоқ,  мен  шырынды ұнатпаймын  11. Менің  ағам  ауруханада дәрігер.   12. Еденде ештеңе жоқ.


Level   -B


Берілген  тәуелдік есімдіктерін  аударып сөйлемдерді  оқыңдар.

1.Your flat is more modern than(біздікі) 2.(менің) favorite subjects are Physical training and Biology. 3.I love (олрдың) parents they are very kind for me. 4. (біздің) village is not far from their town. 5.(оның) skirt is too short for her and it isnt fit her. 6.This black bike is (менікі) where is (сенікі)? 7.Whose test has more mistakes his or (оныкі). ? 8.(олардың)  classmates  have won the game and ( олар)  were good football players. 9.The foreign travelers don`t understand (біздің) questions and I must translate ( оларға) 10.  My neighbour has lost  ( өзінің)  nice cat.  ( Оның) colour was  grey.


(Нүктенің орынына тиісті есімдіктерді қойыңдар)

  1. Reading is … hobby but … hobby is painting. 2 This is  Mikes uncle,    … comes from England. 2We should help   …  parents  to gather an autumn harvest .  3  …  new girls  moved to our school from other village last month. 4.  … am a bank manager and  ….  isn’t an easy job  for me. 5 She usually tidies    …   room on Sunday  …. , when she was free. 6  I want to buy  ….     It  is very  cheap.  6  Mum, where is …   white shirt , I cant find…?  7. The children have  quickly … clothes on and go for a walk. 8 When have you made … cake,  …   is very  delicious. 9 We  are waiting  for  our uncle and aunt at the railway station , ….. must arrive soon. 10. Where   is  …  house ,  … .    .little boy ?  11  …  has knocked at the door  but I don’t  hear …  .

 Exercise -3

Көп нүктенің орнына өздік есімдігін қойып сөйлемдерді аударыңдар.

 (myself , yourself , herself   …..)

I usually  knit my gloves and scarves  …  .  2 She could swim since her childhood …. . 3 My brother always repairs his things and his bike  …  .4 We have built our modern house in this summer  ….  .  5 The pupil decorate the school hall with toys, lights or colored papers  ….  before  New Year. 6 My little daughter likes to make her bed …. 7 The old woman was lucky when she didn’t hurt … . 8  Most of my friends  have learnt  to use computer ….  in short time.  9 Our dog Rex  has found our house ….  and we all are happy.  10 Omar usually  irons  his shirt …   when  he  hurries up.

Exercise -4

Сөйлемнің  қатесін тауып , сөйлемдерді аударыңдар.

  • I seldom take the rubbish out herself , I don’t like it.2 My cosine sometimes cuts her hair  3  We clean  and dust the room yourselves. 4 Can you pay for these photos  myself , I have forgotten  my purse  at home.  5 My elder sister  sells all products from their garden himself. 6 Our relatives visit  us  ourselves every their holidays with their grandchildren. 7 Ainur and Saule have been to Astana and  she enjoy  themselves the places of interests .8   My little pussy always  likes to play with me  herself.   9.  That  growing roses need watering.

 Exercise -5 

 Сөйлемдерді қазақшаға аударып, есімдікті табыңдар

  1. Take this red apple, it`s bigger than yours. 2.Have you seen these photos of my relatives?. 3.Look at those people, they look very funny. 4. His car is newer than my uncles car. 5.That coat is too long for me I need change it.  6.His parents sent me a nice walkman for my birthday and I was very pleased with it 7. She was at home with her guests at that time. 8. Some of  our children  are going to learn foreign languages.  9  We may  speak  and understand different  languages  easily.  10.They will stay with their parents in a comfortable hotel in a week.  11  All people are decorated their houses or flats with colored papers ,toys, lights  before New Year themselves.


 Exercise -6

 Есімдікті қолдана сөйлемді көпше түрге өзгертіңдер.

  1. This book is new. 2. That room is clean and light.3. This skirt is very  short and dark   4. I shall buy this nice dress and  that brown   blouse with  tie.5. Give me please that picture , I want to take it.?  6.  My grandmothers hobby is gardening, she  grows  and looks after that flower every year.7.  My aunt wants to sell this old computer and buy new one.  8 She has given  me this watch for my birthday recently. 9  That country lie  around  the

Picturereck islands.

Exercise -7

1We have  grown  ….  carrots and cabbages in this season. ( much , many)   2 There were … people at the bus stop and took  a taxi (   many, a little) 3 I  have taken  … magazines  to read from the bookshelf. ( any, some) 4 There  wasn’t …  butter and sugar to make  a pancake . ( no, any) 5   How … players are there in your team? ( much, many) 6  I usually take … sugar with my tea. ( no, any)  7 We don’t have  …  free time in this week, we are going to pass an exam. (much, many) 8 There is  …  rain in the street ,you may not take an umbrella.  (little, few) 9   There is ….  water left in the jug but I am very thirsty.( nothing, no) 10 I have seen  …  tasty in  the fridge and  I  want to eat all it.  ( some, something)


Exercise -8 ( some- somebody, something  ,  any – anybody , anything   no — nobody)

  1. I want to tell you …..interesting. 2 There are … green trees near my house.3. I have not done ….   to upset you.  4  Have you seen …  from your relatives there ?  5 They haven’t  spent  ….  of their money.  6  ….   has brought this letter for him. 7  There were …  in the corner of the room., I couldn’t see it. 8  You need buy  some oranges there are nothing left in the bucket. 9  There isn’t … snow on the ground  this year. 10  There were crowded people  near the office but  the woman didn’t know ….   .11 When  we entered  home ….   was talking with my  mother. 12  Has ….  gone to the theatre today ? asked the teacher the children. 13 The children  have no lessons today and they may go anywhere

14 His mother is  more  charming  than  hers. 15  This  team was stronger than ours  and  it was a splendid victory for  them.




Exercise – 9  Сөйлемдерді қазақшаға аударыңдар.

  1. I given him  some medicine for headache, he doesn’t feel well.. 2  There was nobody in the street  it was late. 3  I have received this letter from my friend recently, there is no news. 4 Don’t go out without hat you may catch a cold. 5My mother helps me to lay the table herself. 6  We have learnt some new words at the lesson. 7 There is much cloudy on the sky , I am afraid of changing of the weather. It may  rain soon. 8  Childrens parents are waiting  for them after meeting to return home together.  9 Those birds have flown to us in early spring time. 10 His brother is a driver and he always leaves his car here, not in the car park.  Some  young people  sit up late  watching video or playing computer games.


Exercise-10       Сөйлемдердің аудармасын табыңдар

A                                                                                    B

1 Somebody has knocked at the door.              a) Ол  шаймен  тәтті бірдеме жегісі келеді

2 I  often  prepare  our dinner myself.               b)  Тағамда тұз тым көп.

3 She takes a shower with cold water.               c) Мына кілт менікі, оныкі қайда ?

4 There aren’t any pictures on the shelf.            d) Жүзім  шырынын ішкіңіз келеді ме?

5   He wants something tasty for tea.                 e)   Ол атқа шабуды ұнатады

6  This is my  key ,where is hers ?                     f)  Ол суық сумен жуынады

7  That team was faster than ours                       g)  Біреу есікті қақты

8  There is too much salt in the meal.                 h)  Мен тамақты өзім дайындаймын

9 Her hobby is riding a horse                              i)   Сөреде  ешқандай суреттер жоқ

10 Would you like some  grape juice ?               j)   Ана топ біздікіне қарағанда

жылдамырақ болды.

1 –                  4 —            7 —       10 —

  • –          5 —              8  —
  • — 6 —            9 —










Level  — c

Exercise -1

Every parent must pay more attention to  …   children . 2   I have dropped  …. key  on the way and I can’t  enter the office. 3  Asel is sad because  …   has quarreled with …  little sister.4  Serik and Marat  are  …   best friends and  I haven’t seen … for a long time. 5  Have you  already packed .. ..  suitcase for holiday ? . 6  My mother says : “ I am very tired today , it was  the worst day for …  “ .  7  This participant’s  good result in  the team  was a good example for …   .  They may try to be  the winners too. 8   Sport is useful  for  …  health  and  …  helps to be flexible , fit and  strong.  9 All members of the game  took part  very active  at the  ? and   ….  were pleased with ….  . 10 I could play the violin …..   when I was young.   Now I am a well known musician. 11  My classmates study at the University in New York  and  ….   often send  ….    greeting, wishes in the letters. 12 The porters carry the passenger’s  laggages  ….   to the train  and  so they earn some money.  13 Dosym, don’t you forget , …. have to draw about  ….  Motherland,  where are our paints ?   …. is here   and   ….. ?  14   A lot of teenagers like to listen loud music and  they often take a walkman with ….  .  15  Our teacher sometimes explains the grammar rule with … computer.


Exercise -2

These countries —                               These scarves    —

Those  men        —                                  These  cities     —

Those  ladies     —                                  These   women   —

Those mice        —                                  These  stoves      —

Those  potatoes  —                                 These matches    —

Those leaves     —                                    These boys         —

Those sheets     —                                     These  roofs     —

Those  stories   —                                      These shoes      —

Those geese      —                                      These parrots    —

Those  cherries   —                                   These  knives      —


Exercise -3

1 I didn’t want  my nasty sister to read my letters and  I burned  ……  . 2 Be careful!  You may cut  ….  with  sharp knife. 3  When we go for a walk  around the town  we  have taken  photographs ……  .  4They have appolagized  …. for their being late for the disscussion.  5 The  new girl  told us how she  got several prizes for playing chess …. .6  We all have an  unforgotten trip  to the beach, we have enjoyed ….   very much. 7  I gave them the key to our house so they could  enter ….   in. 8 The old man fells down the bus and hurts …  badly. 9 The tourists has some problem about accomadation we hope they can  solve ….  It. 10  This little bird is not able to fly ….  we must help it. 11  Many of teenagers  usually don’t follow a diet ….. and worry about their overweight. 12   My elder sister   seldom cooks  ……  a tasty vegetable soup   for our family.  13 In foreign countries the  workers clean and recycle  …..  the old clothes  and repair the furnutures.


Exercise -4    some, any no

1It was a public holiday  in our country, so  there were …..  shops and banks open. 2 My brother hasn’t got …   money , can you lend him ….. ? . 3The weather  is  bright today . It may be ….  rain  tomorrow. 4  Erbol  has a feeling that he has  forgotten  ….  of his tasks on the shelf. 5 Our sport players has …  enough condition to develop their skill.  6 There isn’t …  drinkable water in this place the people upset about it. 7  Do you like … meat products , Saule ?  Yes, I like ….  lamb.8 After party we had to walk home because there  were …..  traffics. 9  At the exam they couldn’t answer  …  questions , it was very difficult.

10  There is  ….   sugar,  ….  bread and butter , …   jam on the table but there isn’t … milk there.  11  Many  of students get  …  information at the library of our university. 12  I cant see … portraits of Kazakh writers on the wall of this building. 13   …..  rare animals and birds disappeared because there were …  enough space  for them. 14 The teacher often asks the children : “Have you … mistakes in your task “?  No , we have … mistakes .

15  My mother  bought me … blouses but I  ….  of them I liked, they don’t fit me.


Exercise -5

1Somebody was  standing at the corner of the house but I cant notice him. 2 You can  find anything you look for at the  supermarkets  of the city. 3  Haven’t you seen anybody wearing a black coat here ?  4 I am a great sweet eater and I want to eat something . 5  The doctor write the patient something to get from chemist but he doesn’t take anything.

6  Everybody  of us must care for our environment  and nature , it is our own home. 7 Someone has spilt water on the ground and left it without cleaning it. 8 There is much petrol stations in every cities  and it is one of the reasons of pollution and health problems. 9  Is there anything  in the basket ?  asked the grandmother for her daughter.

No, there is nothing, it is empty. 10  The little child throw his toys everywhere , on the ground, in the corner and under the bed.  11  Has anybody of you read about Ch. Dickens







ІІІ. Тест жұмысы

Level   A                  Test 1

  1. … am a schoolboy

a)You    b) I      c) She

  1. … is my friend`s mother
  2. a) They b)His    c) She
  3. Is this  … room, Omar ?
  4. a) Her b) He    c) Your
  5. Whose rubber is this, … or mine?

a)Your    b) my    c) yours

  1. … is my study and it is clean
  2. a) those b) his   c) that
  3. I can ride a bike …
  4. a) myself b) mine   c)him
  5. … trainers are my brother`s
  6. a) this    b) we     c) those
  7. I put … notebook on the shelf
  8. a) she b) ours      c) his
  9. There are … bananas in the vase
  10. a) she b) any   c) some
  11. … singers are in the hall
  12. a) any b) a few c) much
  13. They clean … room themselves.
  14. a) our b) his        c) their
  15. There is … butter on the plate
  16. a) many b) any     c) much

13 . … are my classmates

  1. a) she b) mine     c)they
  2. Is there … hot water in the kettle?
  3. a) some b) any    c) few
  4. This is a girl. … name is Ann.
  5. a) he b) she    c) her
  6. We always translate the text … in English
  7. a) their b) ourselves   c) himself
  8. There isn`t … grass on the ground
  9. a) any b) much    c) few
  10. Would you like … tomato juice ?
  11. a) any b) some    c) much
  12. … often helps me, when I am need
  13. a) you b) she   c) we
  14. Pass, that salt …  please
  15. a) she b) him  c) myself



Test  2

  1. Are there … fresh vegetables in the shop?

a)some   b)any   c)something

  1. Where is my mother? … is going to the office
  2. a) he b) her  c) she
  3. … nice flowers are grown in our garden.
  4. a) that b) these  c) it
  5. There are … forks in the sideboards
  6. a) any b) many   c) much
  7. The text was translated by …  .
  8. a) she b) your    c) us
  9. Would you … chicken soup?
  10. a) few b) some   c) anything
  11. The children must wash up dishes … after dinner.

a)my    b)themselves   c)yourself

  1. Can you  buy any  chalk  for …  too?
  2. a) I b) me    c) hers
  3. My little sister makes  … bed every day.
  4. a) him b) her    c) much
  5. I have seen how … is coming there.
  6. a) somebody     b) anything    c) she
  7. Some of  them make only  … mistakes in their work
  8. a) few b) any    c) much
  9. Our family wish … a good luck on trip.
  10. a) their b) them     c) he
  11. This is my place and that is  … ?

a)his      b) she      c) theirs

  1. How much cost …  markers?
  2. a) this     b) that      c) those
  3. They don`t buy  … during their  holidays.
  4. a) anything b) some     c) somebody
  5. … wants to be a dentist after leaving school
  6. a) they b) he   c) we
  7. This is my scarf, where is … ?
  8. a) she b)myself  c)yours
  9. My aunt has brought …  toys to  her niece
  10. a) those b) this    c) their
  11. Whose dog runs faster mine or … ?
  12. a) yours b) she    c) they
  13. May I bring … to eat for guests ?
  14. a) some b) anything   c) something






II — Level     Test 1

  1. Have you read … English stories?

a)much    b) any   c) few

  1. The boys parents didn`t let … go for a walk late.
  2. a) she b)they     c) him
  3. He usually repairs his watch … .
  4. a) they b) himself     c) her
  5. There was … in the garden. It was empty.
  6. a) nothing b) anybody     c) herself
  7. Who are ….  standing people?
  8. a) some     b) they    c) those
  9. He usually spends … time in open air.
  10. a) many b) much    c) little
  11. I have known … for a long time.
  12. a) them b) their    c) we
  13. There is a swimming pool in … yard .
  14. a) myself b) their    c) her
  15. She must cook her dinner …
  16. a) yourself b) our   c) herself
  17. I want to  play volleyball with …  .
  18. a) you b) his   c) we
  19. There is not … coffee in the cup.
  20. a) much b) many   c) no
  21. I don`t understand … about their acting.
  22. a) anybody b) anything    c) little
  23. My car needs … petrol than my uncles
  24. a) many b) much    c) no
  25. Do your iron your clothes … ?
  26. a) himself      b) my     c) yourself
  27. I have lost … key when I return home
  28. a) something b) my     c)  she
  29. Can you lend … some money ?
  30. a) them b) hers    c) some
  31. … are my best friends from 1st form
  32. a) we b) his    c)  they
  33. This is my cousin. … studies in the college.
  34. a) we b) he     c) she
  35. There was … snow on the ground this year
  36. a) many b) a little   c) few
  37. How … does this orange juice cost?
  38. a) many b) much          a) many






Test -2

  1. have you ever seen… whale?
  2. a) some     b) any     c) few
  3. The guests ask …. to drink, they are thirsty
  4. a) some b)  anything   c)  something
  • There was  …   at home  when  we came
  1. some b) nobody     c) anybody

4  All members of our team learn to ski ….  .

  1. ourselves b) they  c) themselves

5 I have  chosen …  colorful   blouse

  1. some b) these  c) that

6  I cant find … glass, have you seen anywhere ?

  1. a) his b) it     c) my

7  The  woman  falls down from the upstairs and hurt ….

  1. her    b)  herself   c )  myself

8  ….   are standing at the bus stop and waiting  for…  .

  1. he me   b) they  she  c)  we   them

9  This  is my ticket where is  …. ?

  1. theirs b) mine  c) yours

10   Are there …  plants in your  room ?

  1. some b)  anything  c) any

11   We have already appointed  our group leader ….  .

  1. themselves  b) ourselves  c) ours

12  ….  stool my purse with money last  week.

  1. anybody  b) some  c) somebody

13   There isn’t …    ice in the skating –rink this year

  1. anything  b)  much  c)   no


14 The teenagers shouldn’t   leave … parents  alone

  1. his b)   their  c)    they

16   Where is my walkman , I cant see it  …  .

  1. some where b) anywhere c)  anything

17     This is a foreigner ,  …   nationality is  Chinese

  1. she d) his  c) her

18        My task at exam was easy  and was …  very difficult ?

a )   mine  b)   hers  c)   your

19     There was …   in the street .   It was   rainy and  windy

  1. somebody b) anybody  c) nobody

20   Samal  has brought  …. many nice gifts from the capital

  1. his  b) their  c) them