Theme: “The things I like”

The plan of the English lesson.

Grade: 5 “Ә”

Date: 23.01.2014

Theme: “The things I like”

Aims: 1) To develop pupil’s  abilities in speaking, reading, writing, and practicing    in oral speech;

          2)  To use vocabulary words and grammar structures in cpeech

3)  To educate the feelings of love towards our Motherland- Kazakhstan

Visual aids:A B, SB, CD, pictures, cards, a computer, electronic book, slides, a video from enternet

The kind of the lesson: tradisional

Type: using informational technology

  1. Organization
  2. New theme
  • Grammar
  1. Doing exercise
  2. Conclusion
  • Giving marks
  • Giving homework

         The procedure of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment
  2. Greetings: -Good afternoon children!

-What date is it today?

-What day is it today?

-What month is it now?

  1. Hometask: What was your homework? Let’s remember the last  new words.                                                                                        (slide 1)
  • Presentation of new theme: Good afternoon children!

Today we’ll be able to speak about the new lesson: “The things I like”. Do you understand what does it means? To understand the new theme  let’s at  first learn the new words.

Listen, read and  repeat the new words                                                      (slide 2)





Chinese food



Let’s talk with each other and discuss it.


  1. Grammar

Let’s talk about grammar. Today we  will be able to speak about Present Simple tense

(slide 4)

Let’s watch and listen  a song about this tense.  Please, sing together

  1. Doing exercise

Let’s do the exercises: ex: 1 picture search.  At  SB p. 50. A) match the words with the picture

Ex:2 SB p. 50. Listen and point the pictures about Tom

Ex: 3 SB p. 50. Comprehension.  Make true sentences with  I like/ I don’t like


I like …                         -мен ұнатамын…

I don’t like …               — мен ұнатпаймын…

Do you like … ?           — саған ұнайды ма…?

No, I don’t!                  — жоқ!

Yes’ I do!                      -ия!                                                                   (slide 5)

I  like  to read,

You  like to play,

She likes to study every day,

He likes to jump,

We  like to run,

They  like to swim ,

It’s fun                                                                                     (slide 6)

Doing exercises:  Make up a dialogue

  • Anna, do you like _______?
  • Yes, I do!                                                                                     (slide 7)

Talk about Marat                                                                               (slide 8)

Complete about yourself

I like __________.

I don’t like _________.

My favourite food is __________.                                               (slide 9)

Ex: 1 AB p. 34  look at the information and write

Ex: 2 AB p. 34  Complete the speech bubbles


  1. Let’s speak what about  we have learnt today.   Let’s look and remember the new words and talk  about it…
  • Giving marks. I’ll put marks for 7 students
  • Giving homework. Your ex:3,4 AB p 34   look  at the list and complete

The lesson is over, goodbye pupils!!!