Days of the week

Days of the week

The work out of the 3”a” form. The theme : Days of the week.

Iobjectives: 1.taking new theme ,revise the vocabulary and grammar

2.develop pupils` reading, writing habits and skills, practice grammar ,motivate and stimulate pupils` ideas

3.make the pupils` respect each other`s opinions,thoughts,bring up their interests

Language material: Days of the week.Exercise 1,2,3.

Visualaids: Interactive board,cards

The methods: group and individual work,question and answers

The type :new lesson

Interbjectivelink :Kazakh,music

The outline of the lesson

I.Organization moment

II.Checking up the homework

III.Presentation of the new lesson

IV.Practise.Grammar and  vocabulary

V.Production working on the dialogue


VII.Home work

The  procedure of  the lesson

I.Organization  moment

Greeting with the pupils

II.Checking up home work

Exercise 42

Exercise 45

2.Write the letters and find the words.Checking up vocabulary



Solve the rebus

doctor «« car`  `by « bus


IV.New lesson “ Days of the week”

New words



Wednesday [wenzdi]сәрсенбі

Thursday [θԑ:zdi]бейсенбі

Friday [fraidi]жұма

Saturday [sætidi]сенбі


Task.The song   “ Daysof the week”


Preposition with the days

onon Monday . I go to school on Monday

on Thursday.

at 7 o`clock in a hospital,by bus on foot

Task IPut the right prepositions in,on,by,at.

1.Ann is a doctor

2.She goes to work _____ 6 o`clock

3.She goes to work _____ taxi.

4.She works ____ a hospital

5.Pete goes to school ____ foot.

6.____ Sunday Bob watches TV in the morning.

  1. Production Dialogue

1.What’s your job?

-I’m a waiter

When do you work?

-I work on Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday and Saturday. I don’t work on Monday or Thursday.

-Do you work on Sunday?

No, I don’t

  1. What’s your job?

-I’m a nurse

When do you work?

I work on Monday,Wednesday,Friday and Sunday

I don’t work on Tuesday or Saturday.

-What about Thursday?

-No,I don’t work on Thursday.

  1. What’s your job?

-I’m a shopkeeper.

When do you work?

-I work on Tuesday,Thursday,Friday and Saturday.

I don’t work on Monday or Wednesday.

Do you work on Sunday?

-Yes,I do.

Exercise 2. Write

Tuesday v
Wednesday v
Friday v
Saturday v



He works on Tuesday,Wedesday,Friday,Saturday

He doesn’t work on Monday,Thursday,Sunday.

  1. Game.Put necessary verbs. Disk.8.b

VII. Consolidation


1.__Sunday she plays tennis

  1. a) in b)on c)by

2.They go to school __ bus

a)in                  b)on                  c)by

3.Bob works up __ 7 o’clock

a)in                b)at                   c)by

4.The teacher comes home __ foot

a)on              b)at                   c)in

5.The nurse __ work on Saturday

a)don’t          b)doesn’t          c)does



Answers:   1.b2.c3.b4.a5.b


 VIII. Marks

  1. Home work.Exercise.2. page. 43