Theme: Leonardo da Vinci

Theme: Leonardo da Vinci


  1. Practical:       to learn new words, to do exercises, to play games                         
  2. Developing:   to develop students’ logical thinking,

imaginative ability, reading, writing,

speaking, listening skills

  1. Educative:     to teach students to be responsible,

industrious, to love their mother tongue

and respect foreign ones.

Type:                                               standard

Visual aids:                                     electronic book, slides, books, cards, posters,


Methods:                                       answer-question, games, grouping.                                 Procedure

  1. Organization moment.

Students report absentees, the date and the day of week.

  1. Checking up of home task
  2. Students ask each other the active vocabulary
  3. Revising active vocabulary given home by exercises on e-book
  4. Drawing dictation. Students draw a picture reading the information on the slide
  5. Warm up
  6. New theme “Leonardo da Vinci”
  • Text about Leonardo da Vinci. Pupil’s book, p.62
  • Text from the slide


  • Pictures from the slide







  1. Letter dictation

Students are given letter of Alphabet. Teacher dictates words and students are to write these words


  1. Grouping task

Teacher gives students cards with words concerning animals, clothing and new theme, students should go to the blackboard and stick them


New theme


  1. Conclusion

a)Giving h/t