The Theme of the lesson: Kazakhstan- Turkey: Partnership in the 21 century

The Theme of the lesson: Kazakhstan- Turkey: Partnership in the 21 century

Form: 10

The Type of the lesson: Integrated

Aims: To enlarge country studying knowledge and educate the feeling

of love, respect and proud towards our Motherland.

To develop skills of reading, speaking and thinking.

To consolidate students’ knowledge and interest

concerning the theme.

Methods: Integration, demonstration

Connection of the lesson: history, geography

Resources: Cards, pictures, slides.

Stages of the lesson:

  1. Introduction part: a/ greetings, b/ explanation of lesson’s objectives, c/ talking to the pupil on duty.
  2. Main part: a/ Evocation: ‘Guess it’?
  3. This country is located in Southwestern Asia.
  4. This country’s President was born in 1881 in Seaniko and died in 1938. 3. People of this country love their first president because of founding their country. 4. This country opened many lyceuims in Kazakhstan. 5. The languages are Kurdish, Greek, Armenian, Arabic but the official language is… 6. This country was the first to recognize Kazakhstan when it got its independence in 1991. 7. This country is an important and reliable partner of Kazakhstan on the Eurasian continent. 8.The cities are Izmir, Bodrum, Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara…





Turkey  Republic of Turkey

Capital: Ankara  Southwestern Asia

Turkey is a country located at a point where the 3 continents of the old world (Asia, Africa and Europe) are closest to each other and where Asia and Europe meet.

Ethnic groups:

Turkish 80%, Kurdish 20%


Turkish (official), Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian, Greek

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. It is in the Central Antolia Region. It has got a lot of

important places. Such as museums, parks,

touristic places. It is the heart of Turkey.

Atatürk was born in Selaniko in 1881.All people understood that he was very smart. He’s their leader and their founder. If he wasn’t their founder, they wouldn’t be an    independent country. He established The Turkish Republic and he was the first president. They follow him. He died in 1938 and his grave is in Ankara in Anıtkabir.

. Antalya is located in the south of Turkey. İt has got waterfalls, beautiful beaches, rich historical artifacts . You can lıve four seasons in Antalya . So that , it is the capital city of tourism. The climate of the province is typical medditerranean . It is hot and dry in summers and ıt is rainy in winters. Sunshine is guaranteed from April to October and the winters are pleasantly mild .

Turkey is an important and reliable partner of Kazakhstan on the Eurasian continent. The Strategic nature of our partnership was developed between our peoples, but also the increased role of Astana and Ankara in regional and global politics, and the authority of the two countries in the Muslim and Turkic world

The “AA” partnership between Astana and Ankara has deep roots. Turkey was the first nation to establish full diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan after it won its independence from the collapsing Soviet Union in December 1991.

Modern Partnership

The two nations partnered in creating the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA). Today, CICA has 22 member nations and has become one of the major forums and structures for guarding international peace and security across all of Asia.

The two nations are also close diplomatic partners in the Istanbul Process, which is trying to bring peace at last to Afghanistan.

The Turkish-Kazakh relationship took a giant leap forward when President Nursultan Nazarbayev visited Ankara in October 2012 and the two nations set up the High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council. The Council was followed by a Joint Strategic Planning Group. It held its first meeting on April 26 during Foreign Minister Davutoglu’s visit to Astana.


The JSPG is working on plans to expand a wide range of bilateral issues, “including the status and prospects of political dialogue, trade and economic, investment, military-technical, and cultural and humanitarian cooperation, inter-parliamentary relations and issues of cooperation in the security sphere.

President Abdullah Gül and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a strategic partnership agreement to boost political and economic relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan.

b/ Slides: Turkey in Brief /location, map, its flag, information, etc./

c/ Presentation of the theme: The Coca-Cola Business in Kazakhstan.

  1. Talking to the class. Questions:

Do you like drinking Coca-Cola? Do you know anything about the company that produces Coca-Cola? Who invented it? What colour was when it was first invented?

2.Work with vocabulary and pronunciation.

Brand[br nd], beverage [bev rid ], authorize [  raiz], distribution [distri’b u n], joint venture [d  int ‘ vent ], business [ ], employ [ ], non-alcholic [n n  lk ‘hlik], mutual [ ], taxes [t ks], bottling [b tli ], trust [tr st],

III. Read the text and correct the false statements. ex 4 p138.

  1. Summing up the lesson. Speaking about Coca-Cola business in Kazakhstan. Student: I know that Coca-Cola is the first drink in the world because its company has the world’s widely recognized brands. This beverage was first produced in Kazakhstan in 1996.I like Fanta, Sprite and BonAqua but I prefer to our national drinks as shubat, kymyz,shalap and kozhe. I’m sure that they will be leading drinks.
  2. Conclusion part: work with a diagram.

Partnership Relations of Kazakhstan in the sphere of :


Hundreds of students from Kazakhstan study at the universities of Istanbul and Ankara. The scientists of the both countries take the most active part in the conferences on different levels.

Policy: Friendship mutual help agreements.

Economy: Joint-venture enterprises, hotels, light industry.

During the 20 years of sovereinity the relations with Turkey developed especially well. Many plants and factories were built on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The Relations of Kazakhstan with the International Organizations:

  1. ASEAN / Association of SouthEast Asian Nations- Japan, Northern and Southern Koreas, Mongolia.
  2. UNICEF/ United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. The Bobek children’s charity fund.
  3. UNESCO/ United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization/- The solution of the Aral region, the Caspian Sea and the Semipalatinsk nuclear range.
  4. IMP/ International Monetary Fund/- The Asian Bank, the European bank and the Islamic Bank Development.
  5. WTO / World Trade Organization/ Economical and Trade connections and ties with foreign states.
  6. Evaluation of students’ activities.
  7. Hometask: ex 2 b p137, n/v.

VII. The end of the lesson.