Сабақтың тақырыбы: United Kingdom of Great Britain

Сабақтың тақырыбы: United Kingdom of Great Britain

  1. Сабақтың мақсаты:

Білімділігі:   Оқушылардың Ұлыбритания  тақырыбы  бойынша   алған

                      білімдерін жинақтап    тексеру, сөздік қорын молайту.

             Тәрбиелігі: өзге ұлтты құрметтеуге, өз Отанын  сүюге және

                                 өзара сыйластыққа тәрбиелеу

              Дамытушылығы: Оқушылардың оқу, сөйлеу, ойлау, тыңдау, жазу

                                            мәнерін дамыту, өз ойларын ағылшын тілінде жеткізе

                                              білу қабілетін арттыру.

III. Сабақтың түрі:   жинақтау- қортынды сабақ

  1. Көрнекілігі: интерактивті тақта, , methods: “ One speech”,  “Venn diagram”, “Insert”,   key words, group work
  2. Пәнаралық байланыс: география


Outline of the lesson:

  1. The beginning of the lesson:

-Good morning,  pupils!

I am glad to see you!

-Who is on duty today?

— Who is absent?

-What date is it today?

Let’s begin our lesson



  1. Warm -up:

T:   -What can you see  on the screen?

— What kind of ideas have you got?













— This is a map of Great Britain

  • Where is UK situated?
  • How many parts does UK consist of?
  • What are they?
  • What is the symbol of England?
  • Who is the head of Great Britain?


  • What is the favourite topic of conversation in the UK?


  • Thank you. How do you think what will our lesson be about?


  • P: I think we’ll speak about  “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”


  1. Drill work


Now  pupils,   today we are going to revise  all  the materials  on this theme and

we’ll speak about our country


  1. a)  — I’ll give you the symbols  of  2 countries   (Baiterek, Big Ben)


-Who  takes  the  picture of Baiterek,  will  make the first group “Kazakhstan”

— Who takes the  picture  of Big Ben, will  make    the second group “Great Britain”


Your task is to defend  a poster about two countries.

—  I’ll give key words. You must  use  these words   to prepare your posters.

I’ll give you 7 minutes.


Baiterek: (  retirement age,  young people,  must,  should,   anthem,   election, Senate)

Big Ben; ( Residence,  House of Parliament, life expectancy, have to,  densely

populated,     coronation, throne)

  • You have done your task very well.
  • Each group will give your opinion on  your partner’s answer, please.

— Thank you! You are very active!  Well done!


  1. b) I’ll give you different tasks to each group.

The 1-st group, your task is  to complete   Venn’s diagram

You must write  the  similarities  of both countries, and  differences of

two countries.


Kazakhstan Both Great Britain


The second group, your task  is to  read your statements and write “true or false”

   If it is wrong correct the statements, please.


                                                                                     True            /                 False

  1. Britain is a unitary state.
  2. Britain is sparse populated.
  3. England is a lowland country.
  4. The retirement age is 63 for men and

58 for women in Britain.

  1. Elizabeth II became Queen in 1945.
  2. Prince Andrew is the first child of the Queen.
  3. The climate of Britain is changeable.



  1. c) You know that there are many places of interest in Great Britain.

There is written  the names of places of interest.

Your task is  to match these words with their definitions.







1. The City of London a. was built after the Great Fire of London.
2. Buckingham Palace b. is for Queen Elizabeth ‘ home where she often stays at Christmas and Easter.
3. Trafalgar Square c. was a fortress, a palace, a prison, a zoo, and now it is a museum.
4. Royal Opera House d. is where the Queen lives.
5. St Paul’s Cathedral e. was built to remember the battle of Trafalgar.
6. Oxford Street f. is London’s biggest art museum.
7. The National Gallery g. is one of the most famous libraries in the world.
8. Windsor Castle h. is Britain’s main banking centre.
9. Westminster Abbey i. is London’s main shopping centre.
10. The Speaker’s Corner j. is in Covent Garden.
11. The Tower of London k. is famous for its lake as well as for London Zoo.
12. Regent’s Park l. is the largest private collection in the world.
13. The Queen’s Gallery m. is in Hyde Park where anyone can make a speech.
14. The British Museum n. is famous for the Poet’s Corner.



  1. a)  Now,  pupils we’ve done a lot.

You know that I was in London last year.

I’ll show  you my visit to London.


I think“It’s better to see something once than to hear about it

 a hundred times”

Now give Kazakh equivalent of this English proverb.

Жүз рет естігенше бір рет көрген жақсы»


  1. b) I think  you have a good impression on my trip.

If you had an opportunity to visit to Great Britain,  what you would like

to see and why.


  1. c) Let’s fill the table in:


What I knew  What I have known  What I want to know



  1. Giving home work.

I think  after watching my trip, you are ready to write  about your

dream trip around Great Britain.

“My dream trip to Great Britain”







  • Giving marks:

Today  you are very active. I’ll put good marks

Сергіту сәті:  Song “Good-bye, my dear friends!”

Now you are  very tired.

Let’s  enjoy yourselves  doing this exercise!


  • The end of the lesson:

The lesson is over!

Thank you for your good work