Education. Primary, secondary education.

Краткосрочный план урока № 19


Тема урока


Education. Primary, secondary education.

Познавательные цели урока


Расширить знания учащихся о системе образования в США, привить навыки исследования по теме, научить работать в группе



Аяпова Т. Английский язык-9 кл


Ресурсы  и оборудование


Интерактивная доска, ватманы, маркеры, картинки, карточки, стикеры

Ожидаемые результаты


Учащиеся закрепят знания о системе образования в США, научатся вести исследовательскую работу по теме «Образование», научатся работать в команде
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Действия учителя



Действия ученика






Оценивание обучения и оценивание для обучения

Мотивационный этап 10 мин -Good morning, dear boys and girls. I’m glad to see you again!

— Look at the whiteboard and guess, please what are we going to speak about at our lesson?

Pupils look at the blackboard and see school equipments and things concerning to school, read quotation “Live and learn” and find the theme of the lesson “Education. Primary, secondary education” Dividing into 2 groups by cards.

Task1: to read the text with “Insert” strategy;

Task 2: make Venn diagram, comparing schools in the USA and Kazakhstan;


Formative assessment, stickers
Операционный  этап 15 мин -You’ve read the text, making notes and made a diagram. Now, please answer my questions:

— What are the core subjects at school?

— What are your favourite subjects?

Pupils answer the questions, discussing their ideas Task4: Complete the sentences…

1.Primary schools are those___

2. Infant schools are__

3. Junior schools ___

4.Comprehensive schools ____

5. Grammar schools___

Self-assesment, formative assessment, summative assessment with criteria cards
Рефлексивный этап 15 мин -Now, my,dears, I think you have learnt many thing at today’s lesson. Please write down your feeling in the stickers and attach it to the reflection-tree Pupils write what interesting they have learnt, what questions do they still have, what else do they want to know about schools Writing notes in the stickers, writing new words in their copybooks Self-assesment, formative assessment, summative assessment with criteria cards
Домашнее задание 5 мин — Your home task will be Ex:12 p.108 to write answers, your own thoughts to these questions and making a presentation about schools in Kazakhstan.

-Your marks for today’s lesson.

-Get ready for the next lesson.

-The lesson is over and you may be free.

-Good bye!


Рефлексия после урока


Что получилось? Что повлияло на это?


Что не получилось? Почему?


Что нужно предпринять, чтобы устранить (преодолеть) барьеры?