The theme of the lesson — Gardening in England

The theme of the lesson —  Gardening in England

T he  aims of the  lessons- educational:’ to enrich  pupils  knowledge on the topic –Gardening in England-

To revise active  vocabulary  of the unit  and practise using  them  in pupils speech

Developing – to develop pupils  reading – speaking –writing  skills  through  doing  different tasks on the learnt  material

Bringing-up to bring  up pupils memory –love  to  the  English  language  through  different teaching  methods

The  form  of the  lesson- — new lesson

The  methods –question –answer , oral , game elements , individual  work, group work

The aids –an active  ,  pictures,  slides

The procedure  of the lesson

1 .Оrganization  moment

Good  morning-pupils  Im glad to see you.Who  is  on duty  today? What  is the date today? What day  of the week  is it today?Who  is absent today?

2.Speech drill  -a fruit, a vegetable,  an apple  ,an apricot , an orange,  an onion , a garlic , a cucumber  ,a cabbage,  a  carrot  ,a potato , a tomato,  a tangerine , a pomegranate , a beetroot ,.a banana  a pineapple .a water melon  lemon.

3.Brainstorming: interviewing-  about  what  fruit vegetables  they like 4

4 .Checking  up  the homework  1.Making  up  the sentences  using  the new  words  exercise 7  writing   what  omarsfamily  was  doing  on Sunday?

  1. Puzzle the crossword

1.жүзім- grape

  1. алма- apple





The  theme in  our  lesson  is –Gardening   in England ,   today   will speak  about Gardening  in England  and  in  our country

Answer my  questions –

1.Do  you  have  a garden?

2.What  fruit –trees   have  you  in the  garden?

Do  you  often  work  in the  garden?

Do you  plant  trees  every  year?

Do  you  enjoy  working  in  the  garden?

Do  you  want  to  be  a  gardener?

Is your country  famous  for  its  gardens?

What  do people    usually  grow  in  the  gardens ?

What  kind  of  flowers  would  you  like  to  have  in  your   garden?

Pre –reading   task- vocabulary  presentation


a  gardener



get   prizes


Doing  of  exercise12  , True or  False

English  people  like   gardening.

Flower shows  and  vegetables   shows  are not popular  in England.

At  these   shows  gardeners  get  prizes.

Looking  at  flowers  or eating  vegetables  is  more  important  to a lot of  gardens  than  the  process  of  growing  plants.


Slide –show – The prize- winning  giant  vegetables

Group  the words   into  two  categories

Apple  orange  garlic  onion  water –melon  cucumber  cherry   pine-apple  cabbage  pome granate

tomato   potato  banana  tangerine

Conclusion- we  have  come to  an end  of  our  lesson .You  have  worked  well- I  give  you  marks.  Take your  diaries and  write down  your  homework:  the proverbs  learn  by heart

Health – above  wealth

Early  to bed – and early to  rise – make people  healthy – wealthy and  wise.